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Most of us lead high-stress lives. Cooped up in our homes or offices, with a notebook PC on our lap desks and a cell in the hand, we sometimes live life in the high road with very little coming as stress relievers.

It is essential to take a good and long look at what will give us that little bit of slowdown and a breathing zone to declutter our lives and times. For some, this magic mantra can get into popping some de-stress pills and potions even, and we should not wait for that to happen to us. Take a call when you feel that the heat is turned on you then opt for some “me” time.

The best yolo act is to turn to our kith and kin. To rebond and reconnect will give us the vitamin to get around tough times. If such is not happening, it is our next lifeline, our friends with whom we may have distanced ourselves, that we should refurbish ties with.

Another thing, a short holiday, even taken by oneself, may work. Nowadays, adventure tourism is peaking and the variety available for takes is really astounding – take a decision to do some cool stuff like mountain biking, river rafting, or even paragliding or parachuting.

Calming yourself in most cases stands for having a thorough inner cleansing done. Naturally enough, it does not really mean checking into a past life trauma clearing centre or doing some Wiccan rituals, but tuning in with what your inner calling is.

And, most important of all, weeding out the toxic elements in your surrounds. If it is your home décor which puts you off, re-do it. If you have too many clothes in your cupboards, clear it up immediately and donate the pile loads to an orphanage or a shelter for the poor. Acts of kindness by themselves are tonics for good mental health.

Toxic relations must be done away with. Do not hesitate to call them off and do so before you change your mind again and decide to give the unworthy person, be it anyone, one more time. Check into a rejuvenation centre like Art of Living, Brahama Kumari or Vipaasanna centres, for some these really work, the magic of getting stressed out people back into the game of living full lives.

The main purpose of such short-term therapeutic courses is to pluck out unproductive elements from our existence and touch base with what our inner voice tells us to do. As they say, our instincts will never misguide us. We just have to get the knack of recognizing what they are planning out for us.

Even if plain jane yoga does not inspire you or you find it difficult to do, one can enroll for Tibetan or Bikram Yoga or any of the offshoots of this physical training science, to help you spur back into action. Religion beckoning us back into its ritualistic folds, too, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Even though this does lead to a more organized and busy life, full of havans and pujas, and what else not.

But, spiritualism, with its simple tacts and turns, is another thing altogether. This does not call for, in most cases, a rigorous schedule of prayers and chants, but a bit of a change in the way of living. And all this, is to turn to a healthier lifestyle which will charge up our nerves and blood vessels to a more lively and cheerful you!

What is important is to hear our soul bells clanging out, that it is time now to synergise with someone or something else other than what we were doing earlier in our rote living patterns.

Once, a feeling to de-stress pervades within us, the vehicles for this to happen will automatically come by.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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