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Stealthily it crawls into your life, unaware of its magnanimity you unknowingly let this monster into your life. After a couple of days, its thumping footsteps are heard by you. You are focused at it and your life changes, you turn morose. Now, with all its might and confidence (which is entrusted by you), it engulfs your life. You are scattered and unable to put yourself together. Depression typically knows how to enter and house in your mind, body and hurt your soul.

Thwart it when it initially crawls into your life. Grab it and thrash it ruthlessly, because if you don’t, it will grab you and make your life hellish.

When will you know it has set its footsteps into your life?

This is not fair:

You have a great plan for the evening and it flops. ‘What? You are not able to come today evening but, we set a date last week and I’ve been waiting for this from so long.’ You are skipped from the promotion, you have a tussle with your boss or you break away from your partner. Whatever happens, according to you, is unfair. Well, life is not fair, life is what it is, so accept it. Just because, things don’t turn the way you wanted them to, doesn’t make life miserable.

Beware when a negative thought creeps in your mind. You hate what is happening and become irritated, start getting upset on everyone around you. Some of you might just shut your mouth and cry or feel that life is miserable. You sleep with this burden in your heart and the next day you wake up with it within you. A string of negative thoughts starts rolling.

‘I don’t want to go to the office. Like always, my boss will criticise me.’ ‘I hate my boyfriend he simply doesn’t appreciate me and takes me for granted.’

Now is the time to pull yourself out of this chain of negative thoughts. Here is how you can do it.

Positive front roll:

Say, ‘I love myself and today is a wonderful day.’ 

This one positive thought will lead to one more positive thought and the chain goes on, till you are back on your feet.

Positive thoughts attract positive actions and moments. Thwart that negative thought and remove it out of your system. Stop the negative self-talk. Remember, this moment/situation is the best that happened to you. At present you might not be able to see why it is for your own good but, a couple of years down the line you will surely say, ‘I am glad it happened.’

Exult your energy:

You have an immense amount of energy in you, which gets channelized in thinking negative. These thoughts make you slumber and you hate to get out of your bed. Ditch the slumber, jump out of your bed early each single day, put on your shoes and go for a jog. You can cycle, swim, play a game, etc. Exult your energy and pump up your confidence. You should get out of your breath and pant.

This is a killer remedy. Sit for a while with your eyes closed and take a deep breath. Relax your mind, thoughts will hover you, but don’t get agitated. Keep your body still, don’t move and concentrate on a positive thought or in the area in between your eyebrows. At a point of time, you feel relaxed. Even better, get some classes in yoga, pranayama and meditation. This helps you collect yourself and make you happy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Look your best, dress up in your favorite clothes. Girls, wear the best makeup and guys their best after shave; gel your hair and get into your favorite formals.

Dress for yourself and not to impress others. You are smart, beautiful and attractive because each person is.


If things get unbearable, just cry for a while. This washes away your worries though I feel overdoing it consumes a lot of your energy. Stop sharing your problems with people. Agony aunts are not a great idea. When you approach people with a negative thought you are brushing negativity in their life. This is contagious, stop it right away.

You are strong enough to find a solution. Introspect and think what went wrong? You have all your answers. Your power, to introspect grows when you meditate.

Life is beautiful:

In spite of all this, if things don’t work for you, look around and see, there are people who are worse off than you. But, they still have the courage to keep smiling, and fighting. Bravo to all of them. I am sure you will muster all the courage to live life happily.

You’ve had challenges and surely combated them. Share with us what is your best action. Leave your comment; you never know your ideas might add a tinge of positivity in someone’s life.

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