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Fashionistas run riot. Dazzling divas amp up the energy levels in the ambience wherever they go. So, how? It is because fashion is what makes their world go round. It is what is in trend these days in their attires and their full scap getups, that they take extra bit of effort in turning out well so that they manage to light up the whole environ with the glamour they exude. After all, who is it, who will not turn their head if a cherubic lady walks past donning a lovely outfit with good makeup, stylized shoes and a trendsetting sling bag to boot.

Fashion, as on date, is pretty well defined. A few years earlier on, it was just being comfortable in whatever you wear that was considered high fashion. Before that, it was just putting on something as dressy as one can and lathering in dollops of schmaltz on your visages, and you are good to go. These days, fashion is on another plane, altogether. It is a good mix and match the combination of comfort as well as what actually looks good. In fact, one can easily conclude that we live in times when looking good is actually peaking up most. Not just the rich and the famous, even the upper middle class is waking up to the pulsating presence of personal stylists, even. It is a full-fledged industry which helps us pair up our clothes, shoes, bags, et al to make us look our best. And, as they say, if you look good, you feel good. It peppers up your entire persona, in the manner you carry and conduct yourself.

As far as our clothing sensibilities go, put on something which suits the occasion you are heading for. If it is a girls night out, razzmatazz yourself up and just let go. Even pinning up a streak of purple in your hair will not be too much and nor will tagging in an oxidized silver amulet, an ornate armlet, or even a diamante tiara make you feel out of place. An official outing with the boss in tow will beget you, your share of brownie points if you are more formal, but looking completely in sync with what the latest cover of vogue magazine showed up. It means, go minimalist in your pancake; pick up beiges, skin tones, earthy hues, whites or even ashes of roses in your bodycon dresses; slip into non-metallic pumps or wedges, and sling across a monochrome leather tote or sachet! For a wedding ceremony pre-function, even though it is acceptable now to step out in westerns, try to doll up in your traditional wear. A ghagra, sharara, lehenga, saree or suit even will both make you go with the flow and even have you stand out well if you take care of your Ps and Qs in the business of dressing up. Of course, one can naturally enough play up with halter neck blouses or stringy strap cholis to pump up the styling ‘x’ and ‘y’ factors.

All said and done, for getting the title of being a well-dressed person, one needs prepping up. A last minute ditch effort of putting together clothes and accessories will show itself up for what it was at some juncture or another. Make it a point to keep your cupboard well stocked up with a variety of dresses and all that goes with them, at all times. You can get first time lucky and look good with a hash job done of attiring, but dame fortune is not always smiling. She begins fretting if you are not careful enough of how you turn out. Also, heart throbbing glamour dolls do not come by in a day. Being presentable is serious work. But, what gives us these champagne moments in front of friends, family and acquaintances is a fun thing to do.

It is enjoyable to go street shopping or mall hopping to pick up stuff and keep your wardrobe in shipshape. And now, with the huge range available on the net itself at e-shopping sites, what is it that cannot be procured at the mere click of a button? Touch your mouse pad for checking out the latest fads around and about town in fashion mags, and with the shift of another key, just simply order for it. It will even be cash-on-delivered in max-to-max a week’s time for you to be fully geared up for the next weekend getaway with old school gals and pals. Not to mention that do go the extra mile to make quick dashes to sales and exhibitions in and around the place just to keep connect with what is hip and happening in fashion circles. For such jaunts, any girl chum from next-door will be more than willing to accompany you, even if it is for a rather pocket-friendly round of casual shopping.

Like mentioned above, it is hard work to look good. But the end result is well worth all that goes into it. After all, it is not just envious looks from those around you when you look the part of the arm candy who everyone wants to be with, but what the mirror reflects back that is the clarion call for most of us. It is that feeling of looking like someone you want to be like which is the real treasure trove.

Hence, put your smile on and get ready for a good dose of retail therapy!

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