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What’s the best thing about Indian Parents?

Their super funny dialogues!

That is same for every parent, living in vast cultures in different states of our country. One of the most popular dialogues comes when their child comes in 8th grade and that is, “You just have to work hard for next 4 years and your entire life is set then.” The sad thing is nobody tells us that the struggle never ends, not after higher secondary, not after graduation and not even after finding a job. I remember when I cleared my 12th exam; I was almost on the verge of depression as I had no idea where my life was heading. Whenever such things happen, there is only one place where I want to be and that is Golden Temple, Amritsar.

After my last exam, I was all packed to go back home. My dad was coming to pick me up from the hostel in Jammu.

As we left the school premise, I asked him if we could go and visit Golden Temple before we go home. He loved the idea because just like me he also loves being spiritual and more than this, the place that soothes you. Golden temple is also, my most favorite place in the world. It is extremely peaceful and you feel so close to God. En-route there, I hardly had the idea that this time when I go there, my whole life is going to change.

I believe in God. I also believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I believe that if you wish something from your true heart then the whole universe conspires to fulfill your wish.

When we reached Golden Temple, like always, I was astonished by the beautiful sight in front of my eyes. My father and I started the Parikrama and after that we started praying. I still remember it was the time when the sun was about to set. That time is considered extremely pious and auspicious and they also say, “Sandya ke samay dil se jo mango mil jata hai” (whatever you pray during the twilight time, your prayers are always answered).

I remember folding my hands and starting to pray for all those dreams I had in mind. The wishes were extremely obvious; I wanted to score well in board exams, get admission in some good college and opt for the course that I enjoy the most. The fact that my school life had ended had made me very anxious. A new chapter of life was about to begin and I wanted his blessings.

Just when I was wishing for all these things in my mind, I suddenly noticed a commotion behind me. I opened my eyes from the deep thoughts I was locked in and looked back. What I saw was something that changed everything. There was a man who was on a wheelchair; his whole body was that of a 4-year-old child as he seemed to have some medical disorder. The people passing by surrounded him and started putting hands on his head as a sign of blessing.

I went towards him just to catch the look on his face. I was intrigued to see the glow in his eyes. He was keenly watching everything around him. It seemed as if he came out of his house for the first time and was seeing this beautiful world for the very first time. Seeing his condition, within seconds I started crying with no self-control. Usually, I refrain myself from crying in a public place, but that day I just couldn’t think anymore. I was freezed at that moment.

The wheelchair was moved by a lady who in her own ways was very beautiful. She had that grace which comes from prolonged wisdom. She wanted to give that person all the happiness in the world but at the same time was felt totally helpless as she couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe that is the reason she brought him to this pious place, close to God, to seek his blessings. To ask for a miracle. After all that is what we all do. Always keep a hope. A hope that everything will be alright.

As the wheelchair moved I started moving with it. I kept looking at his face. I wiped my tears and went close to him. He was smiling. He was cheerful. I could see the happiness on his face. It seemed as if he had the best day of his life today. People kept surrounding him, but that didn’t distract him from looking at the smallest of things around him. He looked at the walls, the Sarovar, the trees, the people, the architecture, he looked at everything as if he wanted to catch hold of everything and keep them intact in his memory. I took all the courage I had and went to him. I placed my hand on his head, and prayed in my heart, “God please bless this child”.

Just then he looked at me and gave me the most precious smile in the world. It melted me from inside. His wheelchair moved ahead. I went back to the place where my dad was praying. I again folded my hands, but this time all I said was “God, I don’t want anything, just bless that child. May he always be happy, may his life be easy, May he recover soon.”

From that day onwards, whenever I folded my hands, I say just one thing:

Thank you, God, for this wonderful life. Thank you for always blessing me. I am ever so grateful to you.

That day I learned how a physically disabled person has a smile on his face, how he valued his life, how content he was, how grateful he was to be seeing all those beautiful things but the people around him who happen to have everything in life be so selfish that their greed never ends and they always keep asking for more.

Maybe, now, we should stop asking and asking, and start counting our blessings and thanking for what all we got, we have. 

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