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Being productive does not alone stand for getting tons of work done.

There’s a lot of talk about productivity here and there. Productivity, in simple words, is maximising output through inputs delivered in the given time. Output is everything. And to make that output everything, input is everything. Above and beyond that, how we put in those inputs is actually everything – that actually decides what everything is, why everything is.

When we fail in our ways, inputs don’t matter, outputs will never matter.

Productivity is connected with personality development as well. Say you’ve taken away time out with your family and given it to work, you have not become more productive as a person. In reality, you have taken away a chunk from being a livelier and a more “full” person.

Some of us think that if we spend time thinking things through and not actually working, we are not being productive. What we actually do not realize is that in thinking, we may actually come up with ways and means of doing something we like. Productivity, by conventional thought processes, may stand for more number of jobs or more volume of jobs done. However, this is not actually the real meaning of productivity.

Its true essence is deciphering what exactly you want to be and to do, and then making an effort for it to happen. It encompasses why you wish to do a particular chore and also how you will do it.

So, when is it that we are more productive? Rather say, most productive. As it turns out, as per the study by California-based project management platform Redbooth, we peak in our work performance before 11 am on Monday mornings. Also, it emerges that we are least productive on Fridays. This may be due to the fact that our Circadian rhythms (internal body clock which tells us when to do what) show that we are our most active selves between 9 am and 11 am.

Research shows that any work which co-ordinates with our circadian rhythm ends up being more productive and also less tiring. Also, the time between 2 to 3 pm is said to be a “low energy point.” This usually coincides with luncheon hours and time for a siesta for most people.

In addition, early autumn is the time we are more productive as it is at this time that we return from our holidays at most times and have amply recharged our internal batteries. Winters is when the general mood is a bit lackadaisical and hence, a corresponding shortchange in productivity happens.

That brings to another question, why aren’t we equally productive and most productive on all days? To answer that, how we sense productivity and how we make sense out of productivity is all that matters. And the things that matter – are everything – like mentioned earlier.

If we really wish to be productive, we can actually take a few steps to do so. There are too many knowhows for it. First, de-clutter your home and office and whichever your working space is. This will “free up” some bit of your mind as well and it will meander more towards thoughts and ideas which will egg you on in your pursuits.

Whatever happens, spend at least twenty percent of your day in doing something noteworthy and which really will help you feel apart from the others. In other words, spend this time in doing something really worthwhile and productive. Productive work acts like a manna for getting more productive work – it is something which catches on and gives you the soul curry to move ahead with more productivity.

If we get productivity right, and do everything right to get that productivity right, we maximise productivity.

Productivity, as emphasized before, does not mean working more hours. Rather productivity takes a backseat as the number of work hours climb. Working for fewer hours but with proper concentration and focus on what you are doing results into the desired productivity. Pay more attention to it. Try keeping your phone off while doing really important things so that you have a single-minded devotion to them. Try to really work at “high-value activities” – those which may give you your fifteen seconds of fame in the sun – anything, anything which will get you the “drive” to work well.

The oxygen to rev you up changes the equation from being underproductive to over-productive – always remember this. Prioritize your work – try to get in some real-time sunlight into your workspace. It may actually give you a fillip in your work. Release your stress – even if it means complaining in front of those you care to listen.

It cannot be reiterated enough that we will automatically be more productive if we like what we are doing and figure the ways to do it right. We then make the most of it to the best grade. We set new benchmarks for another day, another time, and we get better day by day at productivity. We learn, we evolve.

Inner voice seriously matters. Stop forcing yourself to like what you are doing. Go in for the change while you still can. You will become more productive in your sphere if it is the sphere you are cut out for. Thus, even if it means a sea change in what you do, have the confidence and the bravery to cut it out for yourself.

Life means taking chances. No one is asking you to throw away what you have. Maybe you can leave it to someone else for the time being while you give your inner energies something else to do. Try it, it may work.

Else, you can come back to what you were initially doing. Productivity also means a serious push in what you do. It means a concrete and concerted effort. Without sincerity in your work purpose, you will hardly be productive.

Productivity calls for wholehearted involvement. It calls for you to give your blood and sweat to it. And once you do, you will hardly ever get to regret it. The end result is always, always, going to be well worth the effort you have put into it. This is a guarantee, so to say. This attitude will always give dividends.

Staying clear-minded about what you are doing is another call. Be far-sighted about it. Give time and energy to developing this clear-mindedness and far-sightedness. It does not happen on its own. Thus, be charged up about your work – try to make your work your mojo, your real wish, want and desire. And pure productivity may just come packaged along with all this onus as your actual bonus.

Try to hit the zone in your zeal, and then watch the fun of having full throttle productivity as the net outcome and the eventual end result. Why do you feel less motivated on Friday than Monday, would hopefully get the answer from your inner voice someday real soon.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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