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Most of us have been led to believe that if we give our all to a task and do it with utmost sincerity, we will come out winners in it. However, we may, in the process forego certain other arenas. While we are working towards a goal, it is much better if we keep our health and wellness too at the back of our mind at all times. This is one segment of our life we should never neglect.

We try to link our professional life with personal life to be the best version of ours, but it just doesn’t happen all the time. Rather it doesn’t work out at all.

We fail. We fail miserably in doing that.

When we only focus on our work and career, there is a lot else we miss out on otherwise. We become unaware of our own shortcomings. Even our health uses get short-changed. We see only some aspects of what is happening in our lives – our salaries, the place we stay in perhaps et al. We concentrate on the materialistic aspect of things. But we may miss out on the more valuable links to our well-being and prosperity.

The given twenty four hours of the day never seem enough to fit these in as well. There are nuances in us which we put on the back-burner. At the end of the day, it is a race we are caught up in, a race which finally engulfs us. We see our peers do well for themselves and we try to emulate them. We too wish to do as well as they have. But do we really connect with what else makes up a persona? We sometimes do. We sometimes don’t.

This is the part which we need to do a good deal of patchwork in. We need to sort ourselves. Sort out our priorities and do the sorting in such a way that the 24 hours we have at our disposal are enough for all this, and more. Like they say, we should not miss any bus in life which is of importance. And those which are really essential are not just the planes of professional growth. They are ones which are of personal, mental, emotional and physical growth as well.

There is an urge to adopt a lifestyle with which we can balance and become successful in our professional and personal lives. Whatever we do, we can always do better and improve ourselves. There’s no denying that we must take breaks every now and then for self-evaluation and evaluation of where exactly life is taking us. Each night, keep aside some time for self-reflection. Have I improved myself as a human being? Or have I just managed to add in an extra lakh of rupees to my bank worth? Reconnect with that part of yourself which wants you to learn playing drums, take the Chinese classes you always wished to enrol for, to go in for Angel Therapy sessions.

Life, they say, is too short. Maintain work-life balance. Work is your messiah to get the other things you want. It is the means to the end. By no means is it the end. It is imperative to realize this one hard fact of life. Work, for some, is worship. Try to rectify this one statement. It should be a part of worship. Worship should be towards developing a well-balanced persona. It should be living a good life – not one which is forever burdened with pressures and tensions.

To relax; To unwind; To touch base with your inner vibes; To get the oxygen to make you a better you. To help you come onto a plane of nirvana. It is time for this wake up call.

Time to actually listen to the sounds of silence within you; To really hear yourself out. Take a regular health check-up. Never neglect this. Squeeze yourself. Squeeze your time. Ailments and health maladies can catch us unawares. We should always be in a state of high alert about this; Not sounding like an agony aunt, but a word of well-meant advice is a good thing for all of us.

For overall well-being, one can take certain tangible steps. We can take up meditation. Keep aside a half hour a day for this. We can go in for some real me-time exercises. If we feel emotionally stagnated, we should find self-help channels to release this stress from us. We should learn to open up to others and show our real selves to them.

Not all of our time should go in creating outputs. Some of it should also go into getting inputs into our systems.

One of the best things we can do is to befriend ourselves. We can actually do this by following our gut feeling. Trust your sixth sense. It will never, ever let you down. It will never fail you. It is very important to remove toxicity from your life. Staying away from toxic relationships is the best therapy one can do to improve one’s life. Try to keep active, re-energize yourself so that you become young not only in looks but also in your heart, mind and soul.

Look for your soul food – something which enriches you from within. In addition, it is best to realize the presence of a power higher and mightier than your I, me, myself. Try to connect with this superpower as often as you can. You will feel humbled. It will make you realize both your value and also how small we are in the general scheme of things of this universe of ours. How, we should place ourselves as important to our own selves and then see how we become important to others around us as well.

But for all of this to happen, we have to learn the art of time management. There are only 24 hours in a day, as mentioned before. The twenty fifth hour does not exist for any of us. Thus, learn to give credence to time. Salute the fact that the clock cannot turn back. It only goes forward. Try to become more flexible and approachable towards one and all. To get someone on your side, it is important to have self-esteem.

Remember – if you value yourself, so will others. In the path to making more friends, remember not to appear desperate. This sends out an incorrect signal. Do not always think of the fruit you are pursuing. Try to make merry on the path to reaching the end result. That is the real fun of the moment.

Regardless of what one guides, the way things happen practically is a lot different than the way we are spoonfed.

Say, you belong to the entertainment world. You need to ensure at least one of the following three things after the performance: get the result you wished for; win over the place you are in – you have earned the title of the most charismatic person in the room; or you get a call back from someone you interacted with or someone from your audience for another such show. If any of these do not take place, you my friend, have not struck it in the right place. You have lost the jackpot!

Possibly, you were sounding or acting desperate in your attempts. To prevent a re-run of this rather unfortunate happening, one can take the following route out. First and foremost, do not immerse yourself in self-pity; Stop being self-involved. Think no ore of what is in the past.

Like they say, it is no use crying over spilt milk. Refurbish, recharge, re-energize yourself and move on…Move on to cherish the next 24 hours which the following day has in store for you. Immediately try to get the hang of the fact that these to-come 24 hours will never come back ever again and get your fifteen minutes of sunshine in them.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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