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Anxiety is painful and unbearable, you can’t deny that!

Anxiety, as per a bookish definition, is more of a generalized term for a number of maladies which cause nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. These malaises affect how we feel and how we behave – and they can even show up as physical symptoms. These, by rote, could be excessive sweating, dizziness, tension, muscle aches, tiredness, insomnia, shaking, headaches and dry mouth conditions.

As we all know, every coin has a flip side to it. Where there is night, dawn is soon to come. Every positive has a negative aspect to it as well…and so on. Thus, as studies suggest, it has come to light that anxiety, which of course can be “crippling,” has some upsides to it – it can, in some which way, get the best out of a person.

Creative people like artistes and comedians and even athletes are known to say that the right amount of anxiety can help better their output. Here we put forth a collection of some random thoughts about this disorder:

A sign of emotional signature.

Dr Robb Williams is known to have come up with a theory: anxious people embarrass easily, is known. But, as it comes through, a moderate quota of embarrassment is a sign of virtue. It is an “emotional signature” of someone you can trust.

Too much of everything isn’t good.

Anxious people think ahead and are thus less likely to be involved in accidents. They tend to think of all possibilities of something which can go wrong and cater to them, beforehand. Like, for an instance, having a Plan B or C or X can save one from stress and all those difficulties. However, too much of everything is not good: and even too much of anxiety can catch up with a person after a while and get you down.

Thinking. And it makes you think more!

Those who are anxious are said to forget things easily. Thus, to counter this and since they know of this issue, they usually try to ponder over situations more than others. Hence, they come up with more viable solutions to issues and even better their power of retention due to this.

Look at the performance chart.

A bit of anxiety will actually spur you on to study more for exams, or say prepare better for a task, and thus, help you perform better than a feeling of ‘all izz well’ will.

Social Networking, more or less, but better.

Anxious people, due to the uneasy state they live in at times, may have fewer friends. Nonetheless, they are usually seen in a more positive fashion since they strive to maintain their friendships and are more helpful and beneficial for those they connect with. And anxiety helps in nudging off the false assurance from people around just when they sense it.

They sweat less!

Anxiety is an issue, we all know about. Those who suffer from it must have read and researched about it. However, they actually sweat less than they think they are; their hands shake less than what they imagine them to be.

Are you a realist?

Anxious people, more often than not, think more of the negative aspect of any given situation. Thus, they actually try harder to have a good time and often are fun to be with because of this reason.

Dr Jeremy Caplan, once said – worry may make people ‘take no chances’ and thus help them come up with knick-knacks to survive longer than others do.

What is important to note, in the entire debate on anxiety, is that it is something which can be dealt with. First and foremost, for this, one should develop a lot of awareness about it. Second, whenever you are feeling anxious, there are some simple home remedies which can alleviate the problem to some extent – breathe deep and easy for several minutes, is one.

Third, avoid venting out your emotions all the time. This is not to counter what a lot of psychiatrists say that it is best to come out into the open with what is going on inside of you. However, this can prove to be a bit of a fruitful pursuit – one can keep a bit to own selves and not let it out all the time. Perseverance heals!

Four, readjust and rethink your mindset in a more positive manner. Focus on the good and not on the bad, and watch how you begin feeling a bit less anxious. Five, try to accept what you cannot change. Like a famous quotation is – what cannot be cured, has to be endured. Thus, do not always fight circumstances – rather go with the flow of the narrative around you and your life.

Six, keep yourself engaged but not over-engaged. Have some me-time for doing thing and activities which you like. These are HUGE stress-busters. Seven, deal with unwanted thoughts – do not let them idle on you. Think through situations, hopes, wants and desires.

Eight, try muscle relaxation techniques – these actually work to help you relax. Nine, exercise a bit to let off the tension from your body. This will immediately have a very soothing effect on you. Ten, sleep the right way – try to make yourself comfortable, have a cup of warm milk before turning in for the day, say a short prayer of sincere thanks – do what it takes to make you feel that everything is going the right way in your world.

And to the other side, don’t cure depression. Do NOT. Here’s why!

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