Akshi Ranka Is the purpose of online dating a curse or privilege? September 13, 2017 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/The-purpose-of-online-dating.jpeg

I bet you have at least one story to tell about an online interaction that carried a romantic potential with it. It could have lasted a day, a month or an entire lifetime. It could have involved a real, genuine human being, a con-star or another real but not-so genuine human being.

But, you must surely have an experience with online romantic indulgence. If you don’t, it must be on its way because online dating is increasingly a new way of life amongst unmarried folks (even married, perhaps). Whether you intend to or not, with your knowledge or not, if you have internet and fingers to type, you may have been swept into the quicksand world of online dating at some point.

Ideally, online dating is when two individuals meet over a digital platform designed specifically for that use (Yes. I’m looking at you on Tinder). They get to know one another via texts and if the exchange of information satisfies either of the parties, they decide to meet. And if they end up dating, then they got the term ’online dating’ labelled on them.

The initial online dating scenario typically involves the interested candidates whiling away time on their metallic block of technology, exchanging carefully drafted texts and a bundle of pleasant emojis. Although, these interactions can land you anywhere – in your wedding trousseau, in a dungeon or your couch unaffected; we have been taking our chances with this trend relentlessly.

And, we don’t just have official online dating platforms to blame or thank for this. Besides Tinder, Happn and other dating and matrimonial platforms, social media too is a land for dating possibilities in disguise. Facebook and Instagram are just as active as the official dating platforms. And, before these entered our otherwise bland life, people had Orkut and similar websites to rely on.

Ways are many. Success stories are many. And so are the online dating horror stories.

But, is online dating a boon or a bane? Both. A blessing for some and a total disaster for others. While it’s known to be a risky dip into the currents of dating, it’s proven to be positively life-changing for many. People have stumbled upon their potential life partner while casually cruising through this online romantic endeavour.

The success stories are inspiring, yes. But, sad to break it to you, not every story may end up being a hit.

While you may be hopping on the internet hoping to find your soulmate there, you may find yourself neck deep into a dramatic crisis. So, online dating might be a boon for most couples, but it could be a deadly experience for others. Not everyone hops onto this merry go round hoping to accidentally bump into their destined love. Some may just be on there for temporary resort or for an escape from offline stress.

Online dating, in retrospect, can be a boon for some fortunate individuals and for singles seeking short-lived and no strings attached romance. And if you’re someone going headfirst into this adventure with a flurry of hopeful emotions, considering the fellow mates online just as serious as you, then it might be a bane.

Sad to break it to you, not every story may end up being a bit of hit.

So we say, enter the online dating land with a heart gear and a lightbulb in your head. Plunge into it but stay alert and communicate clearly. Who knows? You might as well run into a long term lover on! But, don’t forget to wear the guard and watch the way!

Having said that, ever pondered and wondered, has today’s dating culture distorted the real essence of dating and relationships? Here’s something to clear away the thoughts!

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