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Many a time, we end up saying that we are living in some really interesting times. The major happenings across the artificial intelligence field to mostly every chain that connects humans with their living and lifestyle make us believe that our lives and our future are not going to be the same as are today irrespective of our standard of living.

The significant innovations that are driving us towards the bigger picture to be premiered in near future and the thought-provoking articulation of arts circling around the parameters of the brain letting fellow beings learn and know that imparting voice and ideas become contagious, altogether puts the future very hopeful for millennials.

As much as we are talking about robots taking away the human jobs, we now need to figure out what sets humans apart from the robots. Rather we are heading towards the times where we need to claim the same. We need to deal and we need to be “ready” to deal with, when asked, what’s your value proposition?

Robots cannot think, imagine and ideate, we know that. Humans think. Humans imagine. Humans ideate. It is the vision and intelligence of the humans that brought AI into existence.

Value propositions shouldn’t be looked only on the business models for different projects or say startups. Every professional has some kind of his or her own unique way of implementation, storytelling, convincing and thinking, even if they are possessing the same skill set.

For an example, what makes one highly skilled professional stand out from a highly experienced professional is the way the one executes his or her own idea and strategies provided the same concept has been conveyed to both.

Another different example, we don’t laugh at the comedians but on their funny notes. We laugh at their jokes, metaphors, one-liners, all that they put across after doing their marketing of thoughts and figuring out the awareness quotient, and we share a laugh at their way of presentation and speech. Sometimes we go awestruck with their level of creativity that they have shown in putting forward a joke. And it’s not about “just a joke” but rather what made that joke unique and it struck the audience is that creativity.

The Future belongs to WIT

We are all creative in our own ways, but what we aren’t realising is the importance of creativity. A silent talent speaks louder than a ranter of inspirational quotes. The well-being of humans is counted with physical and psychological balance, and many a time, we mess up our thought process in between the lines of narrow-mindedness and open-mindedness, or we call out for pizzas that we end up failing the past 15 days labour put during the warm-ups and treadmill sessions.

We silently destroy our ethos, and we forget that the biggest tool for the evolution of human being doesn’t lie in a machine, but in our brains. It’s the power of thinking, it’s the discipline of free thought, it’s earning the knowledge through reading and listening, it’s ideating after observing the expressions, reactions and happenings around, it’s recognising the patterns, it’s experimenting on the identified patterns, it’s carrying the vision to look at the future and predict it, it’s deriving the analogies and analysing to the core, it’s tracking the human behaviour and realising the bits, it’s acknowledging the fact that every human has his or her own way of execution or implementation.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of World Economic Forum, writes “I am convinced of one thing—that in the future, talent, more than capital, will represent the critical factor of production. This will give rise to a job market increasingly segregated into “low-skill/low-pay” and “high-skill/high-pay” segments, which in turn will lead to an increase in social tensions.”

As he has said, this brings me to the point, the future is all about how we create it. How we look at it. How we evolve. How we perpetuate. How we follow the trends. How we self-improvise. How we become productive. How we evaluate our efficiency. Basically, this “how” isn’t going to end, but behind all this “how”, comes your “wit”.

It’s deriving the analogies and analysing to the core, it’s tracking the human behaviour and realising the bits, it’s acknowledging the fact that every human has his or her own way of execution or implementation.

The future asks for a lot of qualities in one human. Right now, as much as our concern is to make sure that we save our job for the future when robots will start stealing our jobs, our concern should also be about what if we are not going to brainstorm. Without having the wit, would future be able to have us in place? The question we should’ve been asking every now and then while reforming our skill set.

The fourth industrial revolution will not be driven by machines

As Klaus Schwab makes us notice that in the future, high skilled professionals are going to be high salaried, we need to figure out what exactly we understand by the term “high skills”. Skills can be same of hundred individuals (better say professionals) counting the same experience for the same opportunity, but the one who grabs the opportunity is the one who realised the value of strategising and executing, and the potential of the wit.

More than any machine, the future will be driven by wit. We aren’t going away from machines and technology anyway, but the fourth industrial revolution will be driven by human creativity. Make sure, you belong to the future. MAKE SURE!

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