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Slouching, struggling,
Trying to keep my eyes wide open, through the shift,
You are just what I need.
Adding that zing at work,
Titillating ideas,
Stimulating my senses,
You are just what I need.
Seeping through me,
A sip of you, is a zip of energy.

Café Coffee Day enumerates, ‘A lot can happen over a cup of coffee’. This is the essence of the reason why millennials love coffee as the values they cherish the most is sharing and happiness, and there’s a lot more to it.

“Let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee.” “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?” Be it about discussing ideas, or proposing a date, coffee seems to be a favourite companion for millennials. For this social media-crazy generation, coffee seems as important as Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes I wonder why is coffee so dear to them? One of the reasons could be coffee is addictive. I’ve often observed my friend who works in a media house, gulping cups of black coffee. Frankly, while he was hooked on to it, I kept wondering what makes it so addictive. Black coffee looks quite repulsive!

Why Millennials love Coffee

We are going through some major transformations in our lifestyle that we might miss observing at times but it is happening all around us. Millennials are changing the meaning of being rich and are disrupting the traditional theories. With this, I’m certain to say that to many, coffee has become need more than a want.

Today, work culture is getting transformed, we work for late hours and have to sit keeping the eyes wide open through the night at times. Coffee for the millennials is something that is necessary to keep them awake. Millennials carry their offices along with them in their mobile phones, and the office accompanies them during holidays as well, in mid of all of this, coffee too keeps them pepped up whenever there is a need.

For millennials, workplace vitality is about the combination of collaboration, productivity and engagement. Their experience with drinking coffee represents this workplace vitality. Dr. Bower has conducted a study, which reveals that millennials are more likely that any other generation to find the café space to be a place where they could be more productive.

A lot of conversations in offices are vibrant when colleagues meet at the coffee machine area. They exchange ideas and discuss issues over a cup of coffee. I guess it stimulates them, keeps them relaxed to share ideas.

Why Millennials love Coffee

How much coffee are millennials gulping each day? The coffee business is on the rise these days, thanks to the millennials. Amongst the age group of 25 to 39 years, as the studies suggested, coffee beverage consumption has risen from 19% to 41% in the timeline of 2008 to 2016. Since 2000, Starbucks has opened over 19,000 stores worldwide, this is another sign of the coffee demand.

A recent survey done by SurveyMonkey revealed that around half of millennials spend more money on coffee than investing in retirement fund.

There is something more interesting to share which probably explains this phenomenon. CEB Global, which provides advisory services to companies has studied about millennials, which reveals that: Millennials focus on amassing life experiences, rather than collecting tangible objects thus, they forget large financial commitments to pay debts and increase savings.

Thus, it’s easy to understand that they would rather invest money in experiencing the present emotions of happiness, which happens to be a value that they quite cherish.

They also feel a tremendous pressure to succeed and achieve something significant. This is a generation which struggles to cope with failures. Thus, they are at risk to addiction and coffee is certainly a safer addiction. Undoubtedly, coffee has become a constant companion for millennials that never betrays but delivers a sense of soothing aura!

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