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My mornings always begin with an inspirational song or story. The song that hits me hard and pumps adrenaline into me is ‘Eye of the Tiger’, a soundtrack from the inspirational movie ‘Rocky III’. It is a song that celebrates the courage for achieving dreams.

Inspirational movies, stories and songs instill self-belief, courage, hope and the zeal to combat surmounting challenges in life – both personal as well as professional. Some mornings I get up pretty exhausted; the willpower to start chasing my dreams vanishes. Failures do knock us down and in such times, inspirational stories, songs or films are harbingers of inspiration.

They kill negativity that has unknowingly seeped into our life. Why carry a heavy baggage? Lighten yourself.

Morning walks are an addiction for me and the place I go for morning walks is full of life, all due to the lovely people who pep me up. I often watch senior citizens laughing to their heart’s content. How positive they look! Don’t they have challenges in their life? Well, they do have challenges in their lives, which could make them feel low at times. But, they choose to be happy and live a hopeful life. In fact, they are truly inspiring.


Life is simple and we often make it complicated. We wish to have control over our life. But, things don’t always work according to our plans. At times, life seems to be slipping away from our hands. We get a feeling of helplessness. At this crucial juncture, if you happen to bump into an inspiring autobiography or person, you will learn how positive approach and attitude can transform your life.

While reading inspiring stories or watching autobiographical films of successful individuals, one trend is common. Their success story is hidden in one moment of realization. While facing herculean challenges, they might have given up too. But, one thought of realization has reversed their destiny.

Also, their decisions at vital junctures in life – personal or professional can be a guiding factor in our lives. If you are facing a similar situation, these stories can guide you through rough weather.

The first inspirational story I read during my teenage was ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach. Of course, this was purely a fictional story but, for me, it was truly inspiring. It was about a seagull challenging limits, taking risks and seeking to do something that no seagull had ever done; facing resistance from all the other seagulls but, never giving up.

When you crazily chase your dream, everyone and everything in the universe cooperates with you to lead you to achieving that dream. This is the crux of the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.


Similarly, you desire something strongly but, while walking on the path of dreams if you get dejected due to difficulties, inspirational stories will come in varied forms to support you. Someone might candidly share his or her life story, you might happen to watch an inspirational movie or hear a song that moves you completely to an extent that you get inspired from it.

People around you; friends, colleagues, parents, relatives, siblings are a great source of inspiration. Only, if you care to notice how passionately and consistently they are chasing their dreams. This gives you the courage and hope to do the same.

A candid conversation with a successful person will reveal trial and tribulations that will be like a guiding light through tough times. They are like a lighthouse, which guides you through rough tides, providing courage and tenacity to conquer challenges. They give you the vigour and volition to look for solutions rather than keep complaining about unfavourable circumstances. Also, it’s wiser to invest our energy in finding solutions than keep complaining.

These stories define the postulates of success. Teach us to refocus and revive our ambition. Undeterred focus on the goal, positive attitude to find solutions will flip your failures to success, not right away, not overnight but it will, be contented, consistent and hopeful is the key.

Well, your story might inspire and transform someone’s life. So build an inspiring life, be a reason for someone’s smile, and keep inspiring!!!


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