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Monotony is something all of us have experienced or many are experiencing currently. When your daily routine consists of the same old pattern that you follow each and every day, a precise time to wake up at, the regular morning regime, your usual cream coffee with one and a half spoon of sugar and in the blink of an eye you’re there again. On the same seat at the dining table, but this time having a full dinner meal. And, before you know it, it’s the day after and you’re sipping the same coffee with probably a tone lighter.

Routines are nice. They hold you on the track, keep you productive, and help you manage and organize time better. Some of us are addicted to maintaining a routine and never feel the need to get out of it. But, regardless, all of us feel the urge to skip the repetition once in a while. For the very same reason, we have the concept of holidays and vacations.

But, if there’s a way we can make subtle changes to our everyday routine? To escape the mundanity yet stay on the same systematic track in sync? Find yourself nodding willingly to this?

Here’s how you can beat the monotony in your lifestyle without breaking the carefully scripted routine!

Time to yourself.

Can’t emphasis this enough. Take a portion of your day to address yourself. Think about yourself. Zone into all the positive things in your life and scrutinize the negativity. Anything that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or is negating it? Think about how you can diminish it out of it. Just, have that time to yourself each day to think over your life in general.

Socialise & meet new people.

Whether you’re a people’s person or a socially awkward person, regardless, go out, socialise. Talk to old acquaintances. Talk to new people. Meeting new people every day or just socialising, in general, gives a boost of positive energy without even you realising. So, whether you like it or not, get outside, engage into conversations with different people (and new people).

Change jobs.

You have an amazing posse of colleagues, a motivating boss and a great job in retrospect! But, change is good. Whether, you’re contributing to your dream company or struggling through a job. Try peeking out of the cocoon and probably consider another job/company. Because what misses out there, maybe gets you there. And if not, a different experience is another learning least to say.


Take up a new hobby.

Take up a new hobby. Pick something you wouldn’t otherwise do. If you’re not a dancer, join a dance class and have your best friends accompany you. If you think you’re not made for the kitchen, try a cooking class. But, try new things! You don’t have to be an expert in the fortes, it’s just about exploring new areas of experience and keeping yourself immersed into creativity-driven activities!

Pursue old hobbies.

Taking up a new hobby? But, ditching the old ones? Not a good idea! Pick new hobbies. Yes. But, stay loyal to your original ones too. Prioritise them. Make time for them. Become proficient in them.

Make minimal, healthy changes to your old habits.

Too much change is overwhelming and stressful. Initiate baby steps towards subtle changes in your everyday habits. Always been following a certain style of clothing? Try a different style now! Get experimental! And, not just with the dressing. Try different recipes and cuisines. Open through your carefully built bubble and seek small, favourable variations!


Welcome entertainment leisure.

Reading is an evergreen source of knowledge and entertainment. Without having to make drastic and major shifts in your life, reading and sources alike easily transport you to another world. Also, giving you an insight into things beyond your current living.

Take breaks.

Take breaks in general. If things get way too orderly to the extent of taking the whole essence of your existence, then it’s not even living. Take breaks off everything. Good things, bad things. Breaks are important.

And now, the balls are in your court to beat the monotony. Beat it, anyway!


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