Vivek Kapadia How Is Our Life Ahead With The Internet Of Everything October 22, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) is not just another fad in the Information and Technology era but getting into a new way of living people will embrace in the coming years, something that has been imagined by various industry experts and visionaries, and the sector continues to grow just like entertainment and business.

The anticipation mode has been turned on since the day we realised the beauty of IoT that how majorly it is going to affect our life like for an instance, we return to home from our work and find, that our room is all set and the coffee-maker itself has brewed the hot coffee for us. As easy as it sounds as engrossing as it would be an experience in real time.

Any device that is connected to the internet and linked with you makes up the Internet of Things and somehow helps you, regardless of it sits at home while you’re at the office, or you’re sleeping while it is inside the car, the network of interconnected devices is growing at an exponential rate.

Undoubtedly, the technological innovations have shown the significant transitions in the lifestyle, just like moving from SMS to WhatsApp, filing a complaint through Twitter, or ordering some food during midnight hours, etc etc…smartphones have come a long way and how can we forget the driverless cars, there is a massive blow to the operations, the way we now hold on the things with us.

Internet of Things

A little glimpse of the life in the next five to seven years has been described below.

A mother is sleeping on her bed. She wakes up from a mild alert from her gown. She heads towards the shower where the water has already been set to the ideal temperature, thanks to the smart heater which knows the bathing timings and patterns of the family.

While she is bathing, the smart baby nursery gives her updates about baby’s body temperature and sleep. After the shower, she enjoys her morning coffee, the refrigerator has noted that the milk has been used and it automatically adds milk to the shopping list as soon as she has taken it out from the fridge.

She leaves for the work while she has been continuously notified about the happenings inside her home, and if she feels that she has forgotten something to do, she can immediately direct the device to finish off the work. This all happens while she’s at work, and when she returns back home, she finds the tea has been brewed of the milk she has left in the maker and gets served without doing anything else.

Apart from this, there are a lot of possibilities which can be achieved through IoT. But all benefits come with a possible dark side if not taken in an optimistic way. With every boon of technological advancements, there is a mention of conditions applied.

Cyber-crimes have been all time high and the possibility of being hacked, that too when the entire homes and corporations are connected to the internet network is terrifying. Another big concern is exposing your personal life to the corporations and government agencies, which might have total access to the information from these devices creating very real opportunities for abuse.

Only time will tell which way the pendulum swings, but the one thing we can count on is that the Internet of Things will stir up our future lives and change our world immensely, from inside, oh well, outside too.


(With inputs from Ayush Garg).


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