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Dreams are life. Or rather, they are the life-giving positivities and we sync in our inner and outer energies towards their fulfillment. They remove the toxic elements from daily living, give us something to look forward to, are our hope and our joy. As per available stats, in an average person’s lifespan, he or she spends about twenty years asleep, and logs in about 300,000 dreams. Going by research, dreams can be typecast.

For starters, are the safety valve dreams which give vent to our inner feelings. Next are clairvoyant dreams which may even give out hints about what lies up ahead in the future. Creative dreams show up certain nuances which the person concerned may want to explore in their pursuits in coming times. Problem-solving dreams bring out solutions to certain issues which have to be tackled with. Repetitive and sequential dreams could be representing the present state of life of the dreamer. Factual dreams put forth certain events unfolding in real times. Compensatory dreams give contentment and satisfaction to the dreamer about who he or she would like to be like. Lastly, physiological dreams reflect any physical ailment which the person suffers from. There exists a tabulation even on what each dream could possibly signify.

For instance, any dreams about going abroad, acrobatics, advancement, amethyst, amusement park, angels, animals, anniversary, awards, baby, bargain, baker, beauty, bells, birth, birthday, book, bravery, bronze, bus, cart, castle, chandelier, chariot, chimney or even clouds, cooking, cosmetics, dancing et al are said to be precursors for some good news.

Any desire which a person has will pop up in dreams in a plethora of ways like an applause, artist, balloon, beach, birds, bride, bucket, church, clothes, colours, cross, curtains, doll, drums, eating, faces, frame, factory, flowers, gloves, glue and the like. If our subconscious mind is trying to forewarn and forearm us about anything, it may show up as an accident, something to do with accounts, beating, crime, danger, disappearance, dust, emptiness, exhaustion, fatigue, fear, gloom, grief, idleness, illness, insects, junk, knife and their ilk in our dreaming state.

Bad news will reveal itself as an abduction, accusation, acid, adultery, argument, army, arrow, attack, bankruptcy, battle, beggar, bereavement, blood, burglary, butcher, catastrophe, choking, cold, crossroads or even drowning.

What shines through all research is that these link up our present state of mind with what should happen, what will happen, and what has happened. Since time immemorial, there have been an `n’ number of stories circulating about them. The Babylonians, for one thing, are said to have divided dreams into categories of good ones sent by the lord almighty and the not so good ones sent by the devil.

In the world of Assyrians, dreams were thought of as omens for what is to come by. The Egyptians, on the flip side, believed that gods revealed themselves to their worshippers via the mode of coming in their dreams. Likewise, there exists a cartful of folklore on dreams. For example, the Greeks believed that priests came to the bedside of the sick and needy during the night and cured them of their maladies. It was also understood that the gods brought in calm sleep by touching them with their magic wand or even by fanning their believers with their wings.

In addition, dream reading was also a chartbuster hit in the olden ages. Like, the Hebrews opined that any cooking pots in dreams stood for peace and domestic happiness; snakes in dreams meant a secure livelihood; a snake bite meant a doubled income; birds except an owl reflected something nice happening. The Assyrians gave out that an empty pot in dreams augured poverty; a full goblet denoted children, name and fame; cutting down date palm trees is a mirror image of finding an amicable solution to a pending problematic issue; and so on and so forth.

On ground level zero, it is but a fact that dreams sow our lives. We see ourselves and our near and dear ones and our fortunes in our dreams. How many times has it not happened to each one of us that we suddenly get up with a jerk and feel that we were someplace else, in some other time, interacting with so and so, and then there are some who have no dreams.

They say they have never had a dream or even if they did have one, they do not remember it during their waking hours. In all, it is these little thoughts, small nuggets of time, which do drive a sizeable number of us towards achieving what we want to do, and at times, they are our guiding lights about what we should do.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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