Sharon Ferrao The innovators are procrastinating because they are learning July 15, 2017

Has learning become a new procrastination? The question that pops up in the head and the worry is immediate.

Remember the days, when you would spend hours in a classroom simply to acquire knowledge. The boring library, with stacks of books piled on your table was not unusual. You had no choice  it was your only key to the door of wisdom. Learning back then wasn’t easy. It came with a lot of struggle. But thanks to technology, the world of the internet has changed the dynamics of learning.

What we have is a gazillion of online courses, podcasts, eBooks, webinars, blogs and social media, all within the premise of our homes, just a click away. Who would’ve thought that learning would be ever so easy? Even Google now acts like a verb, hey, google it!

Learning gives you immense knowledge, fosters your mindset and makes you aware of a whole lot of things. And knowledge gives you the impression of wisdom, makes you flex your brain muscles, inflates your capabilities of perception, and fills you up with self-confidence. Our elders have always told us to never quit learning and indubitably, learning should never be less than a priority.

However, going overboard with the whole learning phase can be quite dangerous. Since every coin has a flip side, easily accessible knowledge has its daunting side as well. Everybody is learning, constantly seeking out some new knowledge here and there to nurture and to evolve with it.

“Dreams become regrets when left in the mind, never planted in the soil of action.” ― Auliq-Ice

You don’t want to be left out and so you choose to be a part of this unceasing race. Constantly, trying to acquire knowledge, petrified that you will lose out on something that everyone else knows. There is nothing that you want to fall short of and so you will gather every tiny bit of information. Read every blog, listen to every podcast, and attend a lot of online courses some that are useful and some extremely useless.

In point of fact, you learn everything while your craving for learning never ends. You try to be at all places at the same time. You learn how to make a website, how to write an effective blog, and even how to build a ‘snowman’. You go ahead and learn to crack that job interview and even a workout regime for lazy people.

However, the problem doesn’t lay in learning; the problem lays in not acting upon it. Learning without action is mere dry, synthesised knowledge! The other way round, exactly that’s what procrastination does to you that it restrains you to act.

The truth – learning is your comfort zone. It makes you feel safer. It is a defeat-proof zone. It is hard to fail when you’re learning. It makes you feel productive but gives you a reason to be unproductive and consequently, learning is a type of procrastination, a very deceitful one. You might be the next innovator but you aren’t stepping out of your comfort zone ― learning!

“I pay ZERO attention to what you say. But your actions have my undivided attention.” ― Sotero M Lopez II

Surely, knowledge is the first step to success but withdrawing from action won’t take you any closer to your goals. Like it is said ― knowledge does not make you more influential, powerful, and successful unless you apply it.

Furthermore studying and acquiring knowledge is crucial. But rather than only listening to the idea and philosophies of others on reaching success, why not navigate your own way, build your own tunnels and create your own map of stories to success.

Why not lose the fear of failure, start learning from your own mistakes, downfalls and achievements and more importantly, start experimenting!

Quit procrastinating with the excuse of trendy learning. Quit postponing your first date of taking action for the eagerness of learning something new. Quit crushing down your own aspirations for the sake of convenience because painting your own success story is far more satisfying than listening to someone else’s.

So don’t just keep consuming but start creating. Don’t just keep researching but start exploring. Take the first bold step to your first action and hopefully, things will eventually start falling in place. At least, move ahead, try and deliver your first bit!

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