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When you set out to do something phenomenally different and flow against the stream, life is never going to be easy. One has to be ready for initial resistance and isolation. Entrepreneurs believe in innovation and that is the reason they choose to build their own start-ups. They just didn’t agree with the way things are working and step ahead to bring the change, to disrupt.

But, being an entrepreneur or a motivator you have to be loaded with a whole lot of positivity to make each and every moment productive. How do these great people stimulate their minds?

Look at what you have in life.

Successful souls never concentrate on what they don’t have in life or what they haven’t achieved. They pat their back for what they’ve achieved. When you look at what you have in life, you will keep getting more.

You have something that no one has, you are unique, everyone is unique. Motivators search for those things within themselves. A bit of self-exploration does help in two ways; you explore different facets of your personality that open up many opportunities and you see beyond the obvious to fathom into the unexplored arena.

Do what you love doing.

Motivators don’t just chase success; instead keep doing what they love to do because they believe efforts count. Love what you do and be willing to do everything to keep doing it. Then, you will find things easy to pursue, don’t worry too much about the monetary success, do work that keeps you excited all the time.


Unplug yourself.

Daily unplug yourself from the routine for a few minutes. This is the time to rejuvenate and replenish your exhausted energy. Shift your attention from the daily rush and sit in peace. Things might not have worked your way today, but is it necessary that you control things all the time? In a rush, you are bound to get frustrated but, when you sit back and relax you will realise that it is for the best.

Do something you resist doing.

Whenever you wish to do something and your mind isn’t ready and it asks, ‘Will I be able to do it?”, push yourself through these moments, go ahead and do it. You will feel apprehensive and feel it’s an uphill task. Sometimes you will be exhausted and your mind would want to give up. Let these moments pass and you will achieve something path breaking. Even you will find the ways to kerb the procrastination if that stops you and there are some six psychological theories that explain why you might be procrastinating!

Being happy or unhappy can affect your day.

There are days when things don’t work your way, things topple badly and you feel frustrated, sad or disappointed. Negative self-talk starts and future plans don’t work either. Some people try to hide their feelings and behave as if, ‘all is well’. But, it’s emotionally helpful to let yourself feel these emotions and accept them. Don’t repress feeling or over-react. Let these tough moments pass. Let yourself be frustrated, angry or sad after a defeat but don’t let it grow on you rather grow with it. Take everything easy just like the way shit happens. When this will pass, the foggy picture gets clear.

How an entrepreneur captures the power of productive mind

New perspective.

Change the way you speak to yourself when you face failure. Self-talk is the strongest motivator if it’s positive. Managing self-talk will determine that you will go on or give up. When you fail to meet your targets and you say to yourself, “Don’t know if I will ever be able to achieve my targets?” This is a negative thought creeping slowing within you to kill your enthusiasm. Banish it from your mind; say to yourself, “What could I have done to meet the target? Why didn’t it work this time?”

Successful people boost their energy by thinking about all those instances when they’ve excelled.

I can change things.

Motivators and entrepreneurs have more control over situations, rather than giving up by saying, “Now nothing is in my control and nothing can change.” They ask themselves, “Why didn’t things work out?” They are objective in reviewing the situation so that they understand what they could have done differently to achieve success.

Successful people wish to look the bright side of the life and look ahead in life. This wish is their strength. They always figure out what next? For them, failure is the building block to success and they create a new approach to making things work thus, they are innovators not by birth but, by the power of their mind.

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