Shruti Nair What is with the Future of Learning? April 22, 2017

Back in 2009 in the movie 3 Idiots, when the main lead Rancho played by Aamir Khan took good revenge from his seniors by putting the 8th grade Science learning to use of how Salt Water conducts electricity, we all had a good laugh and learnt the useful lesson of putting science experiments and observations to use in daily life. But in real life, how far have the education patterns really come in the past eight years in the country?

There have been long-lasting debates on putting a stop to rote learning and encouraging students to take up Enquiry learning as the method of teaching with even the Telegraph doing a detailed study and research article on how Rote Learning is the villain in Education; however the question still prevails on how many students really are learning to apply different subjects in real-life situations.

While most State Board schools have stuck to the method of making students mug up even their Math sums; there are certain schools in the country that are changing the outlook of the students towards education by focusing on the learning aspect when at times, we pondered, how we failed as an education system!

Future of Learning

As John Dewey had once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself,” and taking his words in all its true form, India is seeing more and more liberal education systems and institutions coming up such as The Heritage, Isha Home School, Rishi Valley School that have broken the rigid educational shackles.

While these schools still follow the Indian boards of school education pattern; they have a pattern of their own to follow like Isha Homeschool pursues the Montessori Education system wherein students learn in their houses and their House Parents are their guardians and their teachers.

These schools are making education a way of life, rather than making it a part of their lives.

With this being said, it means that learning is not restricted to weekdays like office working hours or education is not only about going to an institution separately and all about academics. Instead, it’s a broad form of gaining knowledge in various fields- Music, Social Science, Marital Arts, Math, Dance et al, and taking a leap to making it big.


Neither should education restrict a child’s interests nor should it be vice versa because knowledge is up for grabs everywhere (unlike discounts and offers) so everyone needs to make the most of it!

Let us look at making better individuals and human beings, the intellectual ones without having to compromise on their common sense over their favours. Institutions are now turning catalysts towards education patterns, and let this change take over the country to see some of the best hands joining together and some great feet taking the step forward to revolutionise the future!

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