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Sometimes it pays to be the ‘jack of all trades.’ A person who knows something about everything, keeping the phrase alive that one is the master of none. In corporate circles, it is considered a very wise habit to learn a new life and work skills – be those which are soft or hard ones.

What is known, however, is that learning about each and every nuance of a shop floor or a business entity is a factor of observation and experimentation. The mid-process in between these two starts with ideation.

Take time out to observe, and to experiment, even unlearn.

Those who take time out to observe what is happening in another person’s nook and corner, may pick up finer nuances of different working conditions and aspects. Such peek-a-boos are well worthy of the time and effort spent on them.

What one sees another person doing, we sometimes wish to emulate and also do take the energy to try it out ourselves. We often read expressions and observe reactions to the task before process, during process and after process. We try to recognise patterns which leads us onto the track of reasoning. This is true enhancement of our skills base.

After all, we are not born with an innate knowledge of all that exists in the universe. A child, left to his or her devices, will pick up walking, talking, eating, drinking, – all with example.

If we stay cooped up in our ivory towers, surrounded by our own things and people, we tend to stagnate. Tend to withdraw into a cocoon. Or tend to get into a sheltered mode. This tendency does not bode well since stepping out of our comfort zones is what is required to keep both our mind and spirit active-in a well-oiled working condition.

Once we sit easy and think of our game having matured well enough for no change in it necessary, we will get pushed into a corner at some point in time or another. If Alice, in the evergreen fairy tale, did not step down the rabbit hole – would she have seen the wonderland she did?


There are others who can take over from us, from where we left off.

There will be others who will still be agile and be brimming with new ideas and concepts which they have picked up in observing others and experimenting with their own selves. During their own odysseys of learning newer tips and tacts, they will learn to better themselves – as workers, as people and as an individual.

This is what the marvel of learning is – that one can forever be a child – one can always be as keen and as anxious to become one upon those around us due to knowing xyz trick or technique.

Some people have reached a pinnacle of sorts in their life. They have truly achieved a stellar position and have their fifteen minutes of fame in the sun. But they still wish to conquer – still wish to make more inroads – their quota of learning is not yet over. In fact, if one actually asks them, they will say that quest for knowledge is a never ending journey. It never stops. It never reaches its finish point. Some people have this thirst for know-how in them.

The itch to always be onto something new – this rush in their blood gets satiated only with observation and experimentation. They say that time and tide will not wait for anyone or anything. If one person stops his or her engine of work, there will be another who will take over the reins from him or her.

Productivity and Procrastination

Learning with observation and experimentation is gratifying.

What is even more gratifying is the end result of this wants to reach another plane of learning. It gives the entire world a new set of products and services. This will to do something more, to reach one more goal we had set for ourselves, has resulted in many miraculous things coming into our midst.

For an instance, take the company Apple Inc. What teed off as just another run of the mill computer unit, has truly touched the peaks of the information technology world. Why stop here? Microsoft is another, may be even more shining an example. Or our very own House of Tatas, Birlas, Hindujas and their ilk. What do they have in common? – that they never ever limit themselves and say this is it – their hunger for making more successes in their time is never satiated.

And today, the growth and evolution of startups and entrepreneurs have surfaced and set new trends in the industry. Be it Richard Branson, or Jack Ma.

Their top management is versatile, and with it, human resource processes are now getting transformed to have the top recruits. It is over the top with new mechanisms for working which they may have seen succeed elsewhere and are not hesitant in trying them out in their home premises. This is what wise men of yore say – never say never again. Always make room for another foray. For another blueprint design which may excel your previous one.

A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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