Shruti Nair Why Millennials Are Now Opting To Work From Anywhere In The World February 22, 2017

Time has changed, and so have working patterns and the work culture that most individuals and companies are now following. This is mainly because there is more flexibility that in the working style that is being followed around the world. Most firms are looking at adopting a fun and youthful approach to the way that work is being conducted. In spite of this, many of us prefer working remotely either as a part-time employee, on a contractual basis or as freelancers.

Virtual collaboration is the future. Virtual workstations are the next workspaces for professionals. Outsourcing some work or bootstrapping a startup, everywhere there is a rush to looking for the professionals who possess skills, are creative and move along with the need of Generation T. Undoubtedly, the work culture is about to be disrupted, and will witness a transformation, know how?

There are a few ways to look at this freedom of working styles and it is the time that we discuss the pros and cons to it:

Workspace Choice!

According to a popular belief, workspace plays an important role in the work that you do. That is why until recently multi-national companies aimed at appointing desks for every employee. The way your desk looks, the people you interact with, the working hours you devote are all major contributors towards your job satisfaction.

But this choice is obviously changing as more and more people are breaking themselves from sticking to their conventional one-space working pattern to now exploring working remotely or just about anywhere but an office. The rise of co-working spaces has only further encouraged the new working patterns.

Work from Home and Happiness

Flexible Work Timings.

Isn’t it better if you could decide whether you want to work 40 hours/week rather than slogging from 9 AM to 5 PM? This is the major advantage of opting to work from anywhere, because it comes with working at preferable timings.

Your productivity knows no time and workspace boundaries and that is the major reason why flexible work timings are the best to suit your working patterns. Be it late night storming sessions or a Sunday morning, it’s up to you when you want to work and when you want to relax. The power of productive mind is a daily dose of motivation for entrepreneur, and flexible work timings give a push to resilience which leverages the productivity.

Millennials believe in working independently and making the best use of the time on their hand which is justifiable because there is access to so many possibilities today, that multitasking is not that big a deal but has turned into a profession for this generation.

Why Millennials Are Opting To Work From Anywhere

What is Hierarchy?

A boss or a hierarchical supervisor is obvious in an office, although everyone is seeing a disruptive change in the work ethics and culture, and hierarchy could be restrictive to the way you conduct your work. Millennials today enjoy being their own bosses, which is a major reason why they are opting to work from anywhere without having someone on their head and confining themselves to a particular agency life or a desk job. It also puts up a question, hierarchy at workplace, to be or not to be?

While you still need to be answerable to someone in power but that does not mean they can determine your time- essentially it means that millennials prefer their work speaking for them rather than their work timings. Hierarchy pushes us back to own the traditional mindset where reporting is crucial instead of creative mindset, where degrees speak more than skills. The reason why professionals find their peace of mind in doing something which they love to, and approach different companies to grab the work, which also yields them living out of it. Bonus to it is no stress but brainstorming sessions while sipping the coffee.

Millennials today are the largest workforce, and it is estimated that more than 40% workforce will be freelancing professionals by the year 2020.  It is all about smart-working instead of dull hard-working.

(With inputs from Ayush Garg).

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