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When a glitch occurs or something goes wrong, you figure out the solutions to resolve the issue. When you figure out a solution but you aren’t sure of it, you give it a try, try to implement it, maybe it works, and if it doesn’t, you go back onto the path where you started, which means you are again figuring out the other way.

Trying and failing is nothing sort of a surprise, and it happens with most of us many a time and we learn. When we don’t try, we have no idea about it even if we have chances to surpass, but then when we try, we have a better idea to perform in a possible way in the next attempt. That’s how life goes and that’s how you call for a win.

In mid of all this, the biggest trouble surfaces is the lack of that one quality which in result, discourages you foremost and puts down your zeal at work even when you’re trying. The quality, which everyone is aware of, claims of, but not everyone has so, is Confidence.

This lack of one feature in your personality is the factor that pushes you to the setbacks. Count it as a skill or being within the inner self, it is needed the most to showcase the abilities and it lacks majorly in this ever-evolving ecosystem of professionals.

An inconvenience occurs, you raise a query, and the other side isn’t sure of it. If the other side is sure of the glitch, your half of the troubles immediately chuck away but due to the lack of surety, your troubles see an inclination at some rate of X because, at the end, you are now not sure of it.

The Hit and Trial method is attempted by many, and personally, I am not fond of it. This method works well in mathematics, the subject I am fond of, but in the practical life, it kills your productivity. The glitches are the part of every business but zero confidence sets you on the verge of a downfall.

Be them, mates of your team or professionals from whom you are outsourcing the inputs, the confidence plays a crucial role from every thick to thin in performing every task and making it a success. We ignore at times but confidence helps in building trusts because, at the end, you have to be sure of everything that you say, you do, even when you are giving a try.

The term ‘Unsure’ itself provokes a howl of doubts in the mind that what you are doing appears to be going in vain. When can one be unsure? When the confidence is not at the optimum level and the level of knowledge and awareness about the task is touching the low. Learning has its own role to play with your confidence and faking it won’t take you anywhere, mark it, nowhere.

It is said confidence builds from within, for a moment, if I call it a myth, would you mind? Confidence builds from experiences you gain, you share, and the way you build your relationships while building them the way you learn during the whole process.

Everything seems like an art, and an art seeks determination, and determination is built from that sheer level of confidence. Confidence, back to the point, is gained from learning from whatever you do every single moment. Either it’s a chit chat with your friend or a presentation at a conference, everything demands confidence, every being asks for confidence.

Before working for a client or at your office, look at and work on your own to make sure you relate nowhere with the toxicity of any kind. The toxicity kills everything, forget to be productive, it doesn’t even leave you to be active, forget to be proactive.

Experiences are pivotal. They give you an immense lot of learning, the experiences can be bad and good, but they leave a mark, with which you grow, you nurture, you start witnessing the high levels of confidence. Don’t mislead it with overconfidence because again, it is no less to faking it. It is bad. Period. With it, you know experience doesn’t come from within. Or does it? You have your answers.

Insecurity and inferiority complex are two stigmas that are making a big deal out of nothing. In short, they are causing the goddamn lack of confidence that you speak out ‘I’m little unsure of’. Little is nothing. You have ultimately landed the other one in a doubtful state. Trouble begins. Professionalism gets eccentric. Insecurity of what? Inferiority Complex for what? These two define your state of self-esteem and no doubt, lead to making you under-confident.

At the end, confidence is what holds you upright, and even if everything doesn’t go according to your plans, confidence sets you progressive which is what I’m here asking for.

Many nails, many wins, and if anywhere you show a sign of no-confidence, trust, all the gains you made through that nails and wins get no space. Nobody knows the outcome, nobody is sure of the future, for what you try and do, all that we are calling for is confidence be the zone you run your mind with.

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