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I always felt Human Resource Department in any organization has a simple job to do as compared to others. And I was wrong! Considering the dynamics of human behaviour, they have the toughest job at hand. Building a work culture and keeping employees motivated is a herculean task.

Most people quit jobs because they hate going to work and dislike the work culture. There is no dream workplace or a dream job. This actually turns out to be a myth, so, for now, debunk it and change your behaviour towards working approach differently.

Change in your behaviour can create a work culture that supports your and the organization’s growth.

Let’s say someone at office points out your mistake and you just don’t agree with it. You have two choices; either carefully listen to understand his/her perspective or just express the sharp disapproval without even listening to the point. The consequences can be any (in your favour or against), but with the former solution, your positive attitude is revealed. Hidden in this positive approach is your career growth and a chain reaction that spreads positivity throughout the organization (the utmost need).

With a positive attitude and optimistic approach, you look for solutions as opposed to flaring up a conflict situation. Team power increases; you inherently work towards making your team a success and the aim to achieving organizational goals supersedes the need to win arguments.


Disagreements are necessary but, let them be productive where you exchange ideas to arrive at the best one. This is the basis of all brainstorming sessions. Conflict of ideas is imperative as we all think and feel differently. But, disagreements should not bring stress at any point, if they do, there is clearly something wrong.

Stress mars the productivity and it spreads negativity amongst people around you. You might have a personal challenge that stays unresolved for days together. But, don’t carry this stress to your workplace. Let not stress overtake your effort, in result affecting your productivity. Often stress spills through anger or frustration at workplace affecting the work culture as well.

In case you are stressed about your work, share it with someone and figure out the reasons behind it, and kill it.

When you decipher the reasons for stress to further find its solutions, you are stress-free and happy. When spirits are high and you bring a positive vibe, everyone wishes to be associated with you. Low stress increases productivity as you are less defensive and don’t create unnecessary conflicts with others. Happiness and low-stress level increase morale and camaraderie.


One of the reasons for stress is that workplaces are transforming fast at the godspeed, and for many, it’s tough to keep pace with it. In such a case don’t lose your ground. It’s never too late to learn. Always be eager to learn because with this attitude, you overcome the hesitation to approach colleagues for guidance. Teammates appreciate your efforts and they contribute to your growth. You too possess knowledge which might inspire your colleagues and they start learning from you.

This way you create a work culture where learning and knowledge-sharing becomes an enjoyable experience. Sometimes it’s also vital to unlearn before you learn new methods of approaching work.

In this endeavour to learn, you easily confide to them and start communicating comfortably to exchange ideas, thoughts and your aims. May it be your boss or colleague, it’s necessary to clearly communicate your expectations and challenges. When communication is clear and transparent, you know what both parties expect. Thus, you both reach your goals without getting frustrated about unrealized ambitions.

The best way to connect with your employees is to develop emotional intelligence and be empathetic at work. This will transform your workplace and the way people approach you. Understand the challenges your colleagues go through and guide them if you are equipped to do so. Look out for opportunities to help people and develop a cohesive work environment.

So, creating a healthy workplace where you love to go each day is your responsibility at first. Organizations are built by people on the edifice of a work culture that is open to ideas. Thus, each employee is responsible for creating a creative, stress-free and productive work culture by changing his or her behaviour. Wonder, how do the great successful people stimulate their minds? Here’s the key.

Remember your behaviour can create a work culture that you wish thus, building a dream workplace.


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