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Are you sleep deprived, how can you still be active and be productive?

There are those of us who work sixteen-eighteen hours a day. And then, even some more, when we know a day has twenty-four hours in total. In spite of this, they do not tire or fizzle out, now that’s a rocket science to keep the pace with the numbers. Wait, it is NOT.

One looks at them amazed and wonders what it is that keeps them going at this breakneck speed of theirs. After some analysis, the conclusion one comes to is that this adrenalin rush they have is because they are all fired up inside them because they do what they love, and they crave for it every single moment. Sounds too simple, it is not, wait till you read this.

Is it not common hearsay that if you love what you do, it no more is work? It is just an extension of doing something that appeals to you. This is the biggest hormonal push one can have.

The other testosterone pumping agent is the success. If one is successful at what one does, one chases more of success. More of money. More of power. More of recognition. These three factors energise us even more, they sync in our internal resources with those of the universe outside.

One has often read of people getting up at unearthly hours of 3 A.M. in the morning and at times even 2.00 A.M. to catch up on work. Even it is not a wonder that most productive people in the world kick-start their day around 4 A.M. Do they not need the given quota of six to eight hours of sleep each day for their body systems to recharge and renew? They do.

But, what sets them apart from the rest of the flock is that hidden energy inside their minds and souls which comes from having achieved something in life already. Having witnessed the sweet taste of success, they wish for more of it. And having witnessed the failure, brings back the conviction with the zeal to work harder and stay stronger.

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At home in India, there is a saying in Hindi “usko khumari hai…” – translated into simple terms, this means that he is all surcharged up. Some have this so-called ‘khumari’ for realizing the dream they have for getting somewhere in their life. Some have it for earning say ten crore rupees by the time they touch forty years of age. For someone else, this zeal or this secret elixir which beckons them up to outperform their peers is to create something new. For others, it could be simple humanitarianism or the will to do something to leave their footprints behind in the sands of time.

Whatever said and done, there has to be some motivating nuance which completely overtakes one’s physical personality and enhances his or her work power. It could even be a simple promise a son has made to his mother that he would one day bring laurels to her name. Or, it could be having witnessed someone close to a person achieving success in life that inspires you to try for the same objective, the same goal.

There are times when this type of work ethic is considered unnatural – such people have reserves of nervous energy stored in his system – this is a given type of wordage given to those who maintain punishing schedules. Therein lies the explanation for this extra push which people have.

Productivity Hacks

And not to forget, planning and strategies play a key role to bring the dreams into the wave of disruption. The theories related to the leadership and management are the sets to the asset (read company), and to build the asset. From every thick to thin of the line and on the line, the stability of the productive mind resonates with the structure of the asset and brings the creativity on the table.

It is no hidden truth that people love deadlines because they pull out the best in them within the time frame. But then again, thinking creatively to present something unique within the restricted time span is real tough, and in result to it, people often miss the deadlines. How can someone still be productive after crossing all the deadlines? Here’s the key.

But folks, here is a word of advice for those who secretly admire but outwardly criticize such a tough regime. Give such people the credit or say a cheer code of appreciation for going after their dream. And you too, look out for yours. So are you sleep deprived but proactive?


(With inputs from Ayush Garg).


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