Ocean Thakur Colours of Life – Part 3 February 4, 2015 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/p14.jpg

Theme is all about to showcase the different colors of life, the different flavors we go through and the various tastes we add-on in our life. It is all set-up to explore the beauty in life, to bring smiles on your face and with it, to beautify yourself. Their will be various sections to present our imagination because we know, we all can’t digest one.


Tradition and Culture, an essence, a flavor of Rajasthan


Fireworks, a bright side of happiness in the sky, full of stars


​Good Morning Glory, a flavor of Rajasthan hidden in the forts


Colorful Petals of flower with the fragrance of waterdrops added to it


​Candles, colors of wax and flames enlightening the feel of liveliness

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CA aspirant and Freelance Photographer from Ludhiana who loves capturing moments since childhood, self-taught and still exploring its depth. Loves to travel, animal lover and experiencing life with a rectitude persona carrying high-end motivation. Stay connected to the genre of life and memories is what I deliver through the stills that I capture.

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