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The date changes in a moment. And here we are in 2020. A new year.

With new year arrives the immediate demand of resolutions, once we all get through them, making sure that we don’t run out of stock of resolutions, we head back to our everyday lives. This, the moment could be of a change or would remain the same throughout.

While many opt to think of staying ahead of the time, a slightly bigger question reflects on our shadows. “How to stay relevant to the times we live in?”

Many, many equations start falling apart, if and when that question remains unheard and unanswered. And to get through the noise, another concern strikes. “Who we are?”

The state of affairs, the open biases and favours, the outrage, the obsession with who’s who, the know-it-alls, and a clear display of arrogance, narcissism and whataboutery, have led us to think more than ever and have made it harder to filter out the substance from the noise.

Then, there is a “quote” for everything, that makes you believe you are right, very right, regardless of what you are putting out, what you are becoming as a person, and how apathetically you are thinking of. There is a quote.

In one of the columns for Nieman Lab predictions for journalism 2020, Masuma Ahuja, an independent journalist, asks some of the immediate questions for our times. She writes, “How much of our journalism is really explaining things in a way that helps readers understand the communities they live in, the governments they vote for, the companies they support, the ways in which our world works? How are we helping readers hold their institutions to account?”

As we are moving faster than ever, bombarded with plenty of information now and then, that it feels we have so less time to consume all of it, even when we try to organise our weekends really well, the thinking and the substance let us stay relevant.

When we miss out on those, we are only moving faster, nothing else, and that is not going to take us anywhere. Sure, we will reach a spot, but again, we will be asking the same set of questions that we were asking before. That could have been a moment of change, but there, we chose to or we were forced to remain the same.

And when we mean serious business, we can’t afford to remain the same. Neither we can be impulsive with our stories, nor we can put out half-baked theories. It’s very easy to say it loud f*ck this sh*t, but again, that’s not taking anywhere. We mean serious business.

So, through the stories we aim to do and have been doing over time, we focus to put the substance at front while tapping on emotion at a time and keeping our emotions in place. The stories that make you think and make you question everything. For the greater good. For the value addition. For the relevance.

Moving forward, we will be writing more and more, going in-depth, on identity, state of power, thinking of authorities, gender, burnout, relationships and personal experiences. Aligning with our purpose that is to figure the thin line between life and work for the Generation O (where O stands for Opinions). Oh and the opinionated.

On a hope that even if we run out of stock of resolutions, we don’t run out of ideas. And well, ideas can strike at any point in time. If you have one, feel free to write to me at ayush at nakedtruth dot in.

In the next few days, we will be officially completing three years. And in the words of Jeff Bezos, it’s always day one.

And, before you leave, I must tell you, I saw a billboard recently that read, “who are you when no one is watching?” There we have another question.

Looking forward.

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