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These are good, not good, and strange times.

Crude was at its highs just a month back, trading at somewhere around 5300 INR, everyone seemed worried, and it recently boiled down to a price of 3000 INR, closing at around 3600 INR at the end of this week. Not a slight shift, but major. Good.

Gold was at around 30,200 INR a month before, and now, it is again back to trading at around 32000 INR. Not good.

Interesting is the way the price of Natural Gas was traded over the span of one last month. Heading from a price of around 200 INR to 250 INR, straight to around 350 INR in a day or two a month before, making some lifetime highs; headlines started jumping in, analysts were jumping in, winters were jumping in, everyone and everything seemed cold. It is now back to trading at around 216 INR. Strange.

This all happened in about a month. December is special, they say. What they don’t say is — it comes and goes every year. You stay. Your brand stays. Crude is here to stay. So, is Gold, and man, Natural Gas is bound to become a special resource in this age of everything electric. What am I talking about? I’ll tell you a story. Good, not good, or strange, you decide.

It is an exchange of expectations, of trust.

Analysts check inventory among many other data points and decide their predictions, set targets and offer stop losses. This is an everyday function for a trader. I’m not a trader, I’m a learner. What always intrigues me is how the market behaves. When you expect, it goes off the way, when you don’t, it treats you well. That is unanticipated, but it so often happens.

If there was no research, if there was no data, if there was no chart, if there was no story for the day when the market opens, many advisory houses would have shut. Traders buy stories for money, rest leaves in the hands of advisors. It’s an exchange of expectations, of trust.

That brings me to the point, consumers don’t just buy a product, so to say, a brand, they buy a story. It then boils down to the very fact of how convincingly you tell the story. That’s all about it. Once narrated well, once convinced wholly, there comes a sign of deal.

Consumers look for many things, and in this age of influence, they don’t just check your product, they also check how you’re and who’s who endorsing it, even if it’s from that one right influencer they are not following. There’s so much going around. Staying updated with everything is slowly becoming a norm but is still a rarity, to the other side, is novelty.

That brings me to the TNT BrandConnect. Which signifies to recognise the making of a brand. Especially the term, “connect”.

Connect is a driving value proposition. Analysis brings the reasoning. And when these are crafted together, connecting the dots, figuring various patterns, conversions are bound to happen.

As much the emphasis on connect matters as the derivation of emotional phenomenon that explores human behaviour does. Simply put, branding is all about originating, shaping the image of a brand in the mind of a consumer that can be a memory. That happens, a brand wins, storytelling has all its way of leaving that image.

We do what we do responsibly. Digging deeper to extract why, understanding the how and the what, to make every single word count. We very well acknowledge every second matters. We also acknowledge customers expect smartness to evolve smarter with every passing day. Brands crave smartness. All that roots to fascination. The job is then done, well done!

That’s business.

That said, marketing is all about knowing what a customer wants, advertising is telling that you have it. Engagement is crucial as much as the substance. Without substance, you remain unheard. Without engagement, nobody hears you.

TNT BrandConnect is meant to manage that business. That can be clubbed with another stream, Advertising.

Once narrated well, once convinced wholly, there comes a sign of deal.

Tanmay Saxena, UX/UI expert, took the charge of designing the web pages, to deliver the message well where the experience can be transpired intriguing as well. While Avinash Wadhawan, website developer and administrator, has developed those, assisted by Rehan Khan, HTML developer.

People have asked us why do we keep so black and white most times, so this time we have gone colourful. The balance is encouraging. Nevertheless, it’s the thought process, commitment, and hard work that made those pages happen.

Now, just a click away, here (TNT BrandConnect) and here (Advertising).

You can send us your feedback at letters[at]nakedtruth[dot]in. We always look forward to hearing more—good, bad, and everything in between.

Everything sells, if not every, most sell, for having a story behind it in exchange for the money. And you relentlessly sell your stories, that customers acquire as a product, which is nothing but an art. Of course, that is. You don’t just sell a product, you sell a story. You sell the making and the sweat. They buy. They invest.

Tell us one, we will tell everyone. Here we are, for you, for the brands. For your stories, that connect with your consumers well, that make us connect with you, brands. Everyone becomes a winner. Everyone has to be. And should be.

The purpose of TNT reads, “as the world is transforming at a rapid pace, we’re catching up with opinions and stories picking up the issues for the whys and hows from the whats while drawing the connection and figuring that thin line between life and work for the Generation O (where O stands for opinions).”

We will win with words, together. With transparency. With efforts. With reasoning.

On that note, I say, see you. I will. We will. Thank you for reading.

I’m all ears at ayush[at]nakedtruth[dot]in.

For queries, please write to brandconnect[at]nakedtruth[dot]in.

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