ISIS Controversy

  • Cartoon designed by Rohit Shukla.

    It has been analyzed that the US is the root cause of creating ISIS, and to the extent, it’s true. It has been said that the US is the victim of its own insane policies, and CIA plays a major role in it.

    But it can’t overcome the fact that ISIS is highly condemnable organization, and should be blamed at first. Few leaders have justified the acts of ISIS by saying that what they are doing is “tit for tat”.

    Why are we dividing the world, and aren’t able to blame them directly? Maybe because of few votes which is what creates a big difference to the society and divides us all.

    Stop blaming each other. Stop spreading this shame. Stop playing your part being selective. Take your stand for the right.

    Every attack should be condemned. Every death is depressing. Every life is valuable.