As the name, The Naked Truth, itself suggests that the magazine is all about to showcase the happenings going around the world, around you and me. The magazine is a startup to fluctuate the hindrance among us which we could know, and are willing to know. But, at some point of fact, we get diverted to some other note of life and IGNORANCE is what occurs.

The moment you stop revising, raising and rising, is the moment we spark you through our magazine, that this is not the time to stop, but rather to indulge and give a break-through to your thoughts, and come out with not being as a REBEL but a RIGHTIST.

The magazine has many sections, where in this way or that we make you realize that instead of thinking, make it a happen. And yes, if you are shy, the fact is that we are already 121 crore, and this thing would have never have happened if we really were shy.

Issues come and go, but they leave a beginning. And from there you have to take it up and bring into the eyes that ‘it happened; we digested it but why did it happen?’, was the issue!

And on a final note, Readers and Raisers will always be our biggest support. Don’t count the magazine in the masses, but with the masses.

We welcome you. Explore the voice.

Thank You.

The Naked Truth Magazine Team.