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Say hello to Snapchat stories, sorry, I mean Facebook stories but for pages this time. The highly anticipated feature, for once, on Facebook that appeared way back in January for profiles after introducing it first to Instagram, and later, adding the same to WhatsApp removing the old status feature and then adding it back again, seems to make its way to Facebook Pages.

The fight for this very not-so-exclusive but now inclusive feature is now headed to the next level.

The Insights dashboard on the Facebook page has the Branded Content section under which there is an added Stories button spotted. It sounds good as much as I have no idea right now that ‘where it is hiding’ as we have checked on our Facebook page and it doesn’t show up there but as TheNextWeb reported, it’s there.

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Image Source: TheNextWeb.

Maybe it is only showing up in just a few countries or regions as there’s not even a hint about it from Facebook yet or maybe it’s in the testing phase, but as it seems, Stories for Pages feature is going to be there anytime soon.

Influencer marketing is on the aggressive mode and brands are loving it, one recent marketing campaign from OnePlus for their recently launched mobile, OnePlus5 is a class example here to mention. The mobile gained huge popularity on social media just because the very popular influencers promoted it in their own ways.

Later, those vids became the advertising stuff for OnePlus that they have put them as Ads on YouTube that started showing up before the video you play. I remember I have seen some 5 mins vid of Biswa Kalyan Rath, standup comedian, telling us a lot about the mobile while keeping it an “engaging talk” through his funny notes, creative too.

The success chart of influencer marketing first relies on engagement and that’s where the marketers from OnePlus leveraged it and comedians did their part too – extremely well. And so here’s the thing, stories coming from brands sitting there as Facebook pages, will only add the fuel to make that success chart look quite happening and alluring if executed well. If only!

When we share stories through our Facebook profiles, they are just reaching to our friend circle, and many a time, have no purpose but just to keep the circle updated and ourselves too, call it social networking, stories happen. But here on the page, the picture completely transforms.

The stories will reach to brands’ audience segments, the brands will be able to deliver some quality graphics, interesting puns, creative quotes, updates, what’s next, what’s changed, what’s well and what’s not well, and keep counting what all the brands can do through that one single Stories feature on a page and hence, much more engagement. Isn’t it that all brands strive for? I guess, yes!

The curiosity is one of the significant factors, that leads to click on a story as early as good before it disappears. The connect towards a brand gets converted into curiosity resulting into significant engagement.

The plus point is it will be a welcoming move for the influencers too, it will not just do a favour to their personal branding but will give them more reasons to stay active on the platform and share more stuff, not just limiting to graphics, GIFs, videos anymore. And I hope brands will surely track the influencers to make sure whom to pick next for their next big marketing campaign. Ah yes, here comes the money!

The idea of the selling point is essential and ‘how to do that’ is a lot more. Stories alone can’t do everything, point taken, but yes, would add a lot to the proposition of a marketing campaign, least you can ask, the more you do is better. But!

Stories don’t provide those insights that brands look for to analyse the campaign and execute better next time. For example, the way they keep tracking the audience engagement on web on Google Analytics, and such insights, from engagement keys to audience behaviour, are what needed the most to make this feature, especially for brands, useful that leads to certainty for them to keep using it and waving results out of it.

The picture is yet not clear, but definitely, if it so happens, this move from Facebook will add much to the art of influencer marketing yet again as what we witness nowadays happening on Instagram, although the propositions will remain different. For now, the official statement from Facebook about this move is anticipated, meanwhile, I am guessing Snapchat won’t like it. Not at all!

Till then, influencers, wait for it for all good that’s coming your way. And brands, of course, you too!

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