Payal Johri Hello! Abuses Are Not The Coolest Things To Be Addressed As The Cool Quotient November 24, 2016

We are the modern generation. The more advanced generation, the more peppy generation, the more ‘cooler’ generation and probably the most abusive generation too.

Did you just read ‘abusive’? Well, it just meant swankier because that is what many youngsters these days run after and abusing is the best possible shortcut to flaunt that bogus coolness of theirs. Welcome to the age of abusive bonds.

The emphasis, however, is not on ‘how’ but ‘why’.

Why abusing (and redefining it as a slang) is being given that upper hand at building social bonds? Why is the youth more comfortable and at ease with the people who use and further promote the use of this once degraded language? Why, what was once considered shoddy now looked up as fancy? Why such a drastic transformation in the outlook of the youth? There are a lot of questions that strike the minds which we ignore kindly, anytime everyday.

Want a little glimpse of this decaying psyche? Well, not much research is required at hand; just go through any random Facebook or Instagram post of a contemptuous adult and bet if you don’t find at least one comment without the mot favourite prefix these days ‘MC/BC’. Welcome to the world of far more superior salutations; welcome to the world of showing respect with disrespect! (No, we’re not exaggerating, but abuse is an abuse, which many somehow admit but not everyone).


We hate being around garbage but don’t hesitate before uttering the same; we hate the smell of shit but love the sound of it; some pretentious beings we are! And dare a person try to make a face at such snotty language; “You are a social outcast!” that’s the way he/she will be treated. Every second mouth, every second tick of the clock utters some or the other insult without any guilt (Guilt? It’s a matter of pride, eh?).

Is it the western influence? Nope! But then, why have we failed to suppress the sexual assault of this lingual communication? The answer is quite simple because we too have fallen in the delusionary pit of coolness. Going by the current scenario standards, there are many states that top the list of social affiliations. Let alone youth, the adolescent, and the children are also not spared of this vicious abusive circle.

Dare you refuse a girl from abusing and FEMINISM! FEMINISM! FEMINISM is all you’ll hear; Dare you refuse a guy from abusing and FREEDOM! RIGHTS! MACHOISM is all you’ll hear. Be it a girl or a guy, an abuse is an abuse, and junk does not come with a gender tag.

Abuses are to project anger, don’t make it a means of communication. And if you beg to differ, read again and then think again!

Abusing is NOT cool. And it doesn’t drive any cool quotient. Period.


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