Ayush Garg Lego Calls For An End To Advertise With Daily Mail For ‘Stop Funding Hate’ Campaign November 14, 2016 https://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/LEGO.jpg

Lego will stop advertising with Daily Mail, following a public campaign Stop Funding Hate, the company has announced. Lego is the first big company that has agreed to the demands of the campaigners.

Stop Funding Hate campaign is calling on the advertisers to ponder their support for several British newspapers and boycott them accused of promoting “hatred, demonisation and division” during the Brexit debate, citing the reports of misleading headlines about child refugees, and the recent ruling by High Court judges that Parliament must be consulted before Article 50 is triggered.

A spokesperson for the campaign said: “Stop Funding Hate welcomes the decision from Lego. We are asking brands to listen to their customers when they tell them they want to stop funding hate, and that is what they’ve done. ”

“People are becoming more aware that the money they spend could end up supporting publications whose stories, language or portrayal of certain people, fuels division. This urgently needs to address. These headlines harm people.”


The decision comes a week after a British father wrote an open letter to Lego giving the reference to the reportage of the Daily Mail which later went viral on the social media.

“I love Lego. My 6 year old son loves Lego. He inherited all of mine three years ago and his collection has multiplied many times since…It seems you can do no wrong.

“But I’m concerned. For a few years now you have done free giveaways in the Daily Mail newspaper… But I’m afraid to say I can no longer do it,”
the man wrote in his letter.

The Co-Op Group has said it is ‘reviewing’ its advertising but other companies have, until now, refused to withdraw their adverts, reported The Independent. While Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are also being urged to drop their Christmas advertising in certain tabloids.

In 2014, the Danish company, Lego said it would not renew its contract with oil group Shell whose logo was on Lego sets sold at gas stations in Europe. The move came after weeks of pressure following a video against oil drilling in the Arctic region.

“The agreement with The Daily Mail has finished and we have no plans to run any promotional activity with the newspaper in the foreseeable future,” Lego spokesperson told The Independent.


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