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There are those of us who eat to live but a maximum of humanity lives to eat.

Hence, it stands to a good reason that we take extreme care of what all we are taking into our systems. Very lately, the All India Bread Manufacturers Association has taken a decision to not use potassium bromate and iodate while making this comfort food item that’s been bought on the daily basis, Bread.

This is due to the damning report given by the Centre for Science and Environment. As a result, the central government and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India made a mention of this. It is said that these two chemicals were allowed in food items in permissible limits of 50 parts per million.


In the European Union and Canada, these are banned since they are known to be potentially carcinogenic in nature. In fact, potassium bromate can be linked to cancer and potassium iodate can possibly result in more intake of iodine leading to thyroid gland malfunctioning.


However, panic-stricken bread-makers accepted CSE’s recommendations and promised to withdraw potassium bromate from their products.

As per a study, here’s some cancer causing foods.

Incidentally, fresh tomatoes are reportedly high up on the listing of cancer-fighting foods. However, here is an irony.

Canned tomatoes, as per reports, have their cans lined with bisphenol-A, a harmful chemical. This is supposed to have a tiding on the manner the genes work inside of the brains of rats. Hence, it is highly advisable to use fresh tomatoes and totally do away with the canned variety.

Then is the case of high fructose corn syrups. This is basically a sweetener which is used in most types of sodas, pasta sauces, baked items and processed foods. Its use is totally linked up with taking in empty, fruitless calories. This ups the triglyceride content in the body causing undue weight gain and hiking up diabetes and heart disease risks. It is very harmful as it triggers the craving for more sugar, too.

Then comes the long standing redressal of fried foods. Items like fried chicken, burgers, fries, donuts, onion rings et al – all should get the no-go signal from us. When one fries food at high temperatures using GMO vegetable oil, it is extremely harmful to health. Even cream based salad dressings need to be dressed down. They have an excess of sugar, salt, fat, and CALORIES! Even low fat dressings tend to use more of sugars – which again beats the very purpose of being low fat.

Now to speak of cancer-fighting foods.

Very high up in this catalogue comes green tea. That too, there is nothing that quite beats matcha green tea. It has polyphenol compounds; the cathekins. This is a very, very useful antioxidant which is abundant in the Japanese matcha. Then are the Omega-3 fatty acids. These do away with inflammation and also create an environ in the body which is non-conducive to cancer cells.

Items like flaxseed and hemp oils, too, are rich sources of these fatty acids. Grapes have good quantities of resveratrol, which is a phenolic compound. It is a known anti-mutagen and antioxidant.

Taking care to include these foods in our diets should certainly help to make us feel better, and fighting fit!

Don’t forget about the Bread, by the way, be conscious and vigilant!


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