Meghna Thakur Shobhaa De: De Queen of Recent Times April 22, 2016

Kate Middleton and Prince William also known as the duke and duchess of Cambridge, are a very loved and admired couple around the globe. And so it was evident for India to be elated to know that the royal couple had finally decided to grace India with their presence.

Keeping politics aside, their visit created a lot of buzz in India. Whether it was recreating the famous Taj Mahal photograph that Princess Diana had clicked during her visit to India, playing cricket or attending parties with the who’s who of our country, the royal couple charmed their way into all our hearts.

When we talk about Kate Middleton, how can we not talk about fashion? The duchess of Cambridge is known globally for her impeccable taste in fashion. Her poise, grace, and elegance make her one of the most followed persons as far as fashion choices are concerned.

Now we all agree that fashion is subjective. What one person likes or wears, may not appeal to the other person.

Taking this notion a notch up, our very own novelist and columnist, Shobhaa De decided to give her valuable feedback about Kate’s fashion choices.

Firstly, De had a problem with Kate covering herself in a gown which is ideal for Abu Dhabi and not Mumbai.

Women are fighting for their rights to wear shorts to college and this act by Kate Middleton to “cover” herself up would put the women’s revolution centuries behind. Logic!

Feminism is not pro-choice, it is a pro-skin show. And wearing a well-covered gown ages you by 20 years. Gooood Logic!

De was ecstatic post the royal visit. Her dream of not having to see Kate Middleton in a sari came true.

“A sari demands a derriere. Kate has none. Thank God, some misguided fashion guru has spared her and us so far.”

All Indian women or transgenders who wear a sari have a very prominent “derriere”. And for the unfortunate ones who don’t maybe it’s time to wear something revealing and help yourself from aging. Overflowing Logic!

Secret sources also reveal that De has demanded that our national anthem be replaced by:

I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can’t deny

This isn’t the first time that De has voiced her concern towards a just cause. She is, in fact, a crusader for women in India. She has in the past, largely supported Rekha over her speech issues and stated,

“Rekha’s voice in her initial acting days resembled that of an illiterate washerwoman, however, the same person articulates her words with the finesse of a Hollywood Diva who has taken expensive lessons from the world’s most accomplished voice coach (Mr. Bachchan, that’s subtly in case you didn’t know).”

Shobhaa De is the ideal woman candidate to represent Indian women. Her undying dedication in breaking taboos and talking about real issues is the reason why India is where it is today.

While uneducated people sit and mock her in columns and newspapers, the unappreciated social worker is fighting relentlessly to get our Kohinoor back. She suggested what no one has ever thought off, the Kohinoor in exchange for Kate.


An “object” like Kohinoor is any day worth more than an individual.

All hail queen De. *Can’t stop saluting*


(This is a satirical post; the views and opinions expressed here are personal).
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