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What’s the plan for this weekend? He asked.
Let’s have some good food in a restaurant at Connaught Place, the other guy replied.
Both guys joined over few drinks, and then, the other guy ordered Dahi Ke Kabab.
Let’s have some chicken and bacon, you will forget everything, he said.
Maybe I will forget everything, but I won’t be able to forgive myself ever, the other guy replied.
And then, the silence for a moment, and both guys ended up having some more plates of Dahi Ke Kabab together.

A short story!

Nobody is forced to change their own choices, maybe you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian, you turned a vegan recently or you never had non-veg food in your lifetime.

Yes, those chicken wings at KFC enlighten the taste-buds but no, we need to think over it.

How many times have you seen the campaign ran for saving the dogs? The reason to save the dogs is quite gentle and that is they are cute enough to take your vote. But the question is aren’t the chickens? Even if not, don’t they have their own lives?

How many people went against the Beef Ban? Let’s take a small example, remember Shobhaa De’s (renowned columnist and novelist) tweet in which she said “I just ate Beef. Come and murder me.”

And then, recently she tweeted against Jallikattu. Did you smell some non-existent heat over there?

If chicken, mutton, beef, bacon, lamb, and the series continued are your choices, you should also remember Yulin’s Dog festival and then, in Africa, Elephant is a delicacy. And it looks like no animal is left from the human’s sight!

The question is we rant against the meat of dogs but why do we turn silent over the chicken?

Oh, that butter chicken! By the way, bacon is much in trends these days! Oh! Do not to forget that lamb! Oh! This is the season of the Fish! We are sorry, non-vegetarians but we need to look over the menu whole-heartedly!

Look at these videos! If your heart gets shaken, we are sorry, but that’s what your tongue whispers to your pockets.

Viewer Discretion: These videos are horrifying and may let you fall in tears! And moreover, it may lead you to turn vegetarian for the whole Life!

An undercover investigation sheds light on the first day in the lives of chicks in the meat industry – from their own…

Posted by Technova Blog on Monday, October 26, 2015


Watch another! We are sorry, again!

Austria’s killing facilities exposed: living souls sent to gas chambers. How blind can we be?A new undercover footage…

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It is not only emotionally scarring but it tells you, and it really tells you what we are really up to!

Give it a thought of a realization, make your senses stronger, don’t think what you’re eating but why you’re eating, we are sorry, again, but we really feel pity for these small souls.

Life is precious for one and all! Isn’t it? Or are you still thinking who is cuter to save this time, is it a Dog or Bacon?

So what food are you going to order this weekend over the drinks? The choice is extremely yours!

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