Neha Gour No Hands Involved November 18, 2015

90% of twelve years old regularly watch porn. More than 80% of Indian high school students have been exposed to porn. 74% of Indian women watch it on a regular basis. Many Indian women exclaimed they learnt about sex by watching porn.

How far is this notion correct? What is the depth of people becoming victims of porn?


Porn gives carvers what they will for! Mental fracas is not what one need for them. At a point, it becomes necessary to take over your emotional self than physical self. Well, easier said than done!

Porn stands for ‘Film Prostitution.’ The word Porne standing for prostitute and Graphia for documentation. Prostitution is no one’s childhood dream. It is the result of distress and troubles that one has to push themselves into this murky and bleak world.

Now, there is a mechanism between porn and prostitution. Sounds mistaken, right? Well, porn is all about male domination over women, men’s sub-ordinance of women. So is prostitution.

Eventually, this becomes a habit which man starts applying not only in practice but, in general, life as well. By now we know the reason for rape and human trafficking, isn’t it? If you were to question porn “ What is sexual?”, it would simply laugh on your  face.

“What is sexual?”
“Men arousing to choke a woman.”

80% to 90% of the sex shown in porn is with no hands involved. This is not how we authentically desire. Hugs, caresses, kisses are what we anticipate. Do we ever see them in any of the porn? A little may be? But is there an iota of gentleness or love that we see? The answer is in negate. There is just domination.

Watching porn demands film prostitution. Porn is not about erotica or healthy sexual communication rather it is a clear misguidance to the natural process.

Next time you watch porn, notice the camera’s focus remaining aloof from hugging, caressing, and kissing. The sole concentration is on capturing penetration. When the penis is inside the woman, man stands with his hands back so that camera can give a better view focus and the woman their lies in an uncomfortable posture. Yes, of course, she even has to make sure not to disturb her hair-do and makeup on which a lot of money and time has been invested.

We see them making love, but the only body part in contact with each other are the penis and the part being penetrated into. No hands involved. And clearly two people in love would never desire to have each other in this peculiar way.

Porn gives a cliché that men are superior by having a large penis and eternal erection. The matter of fact for the partner to be generous or loving or attentive is screwed up. All that matters is having a large penis and ‘an eternal sunshine.’

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Neha is pursuing Masters in Journalism. She is an enthusiast writer and literature lover. She has her own school of thoughts and doesn't normally go with the cliche.

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