Ashish Rana War Against ISIS: War In Syria Turning The Pages Of History Of Vietnam War October 7, 2015

People still didn’t forget what happened in Vietnam during the 60s and 70s when two sides of the world supported some other sides in some other war to propagate their personal interests. Now history is trying to repeat itself again in Syria, which is already turned to the most conflicted war in history creating so many problems and affecting the nations which are not even directly connected to it.

Soon it will be 5 years since the war started in Syria and still it is not yet cleared that what is really going on in the conflict zone. Recently, Russia has started air strikes on supposed ISIS targets in cooperation with Assad’s government. Russian intervention in the war sparked fury in the US-led Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF), but the question is, why?

Russia is also fighting against ISIS, then why it is not okay with the west? US and its allies are bombing the area for more than a year and its been few days since Russia started to do the same followed by request from Syrian government, and everyone stating it as a wrong move.

This disagreement between Russian and US forces on the region is actually making it dark and mysterious even when both are considering to be fighting with the same enemy. It sparks the conspiracy about the things happening in the war and now the situation is becoming darker than the ISIS flag.

Russia announced that it will share the war intelligence with armies of Syria, Iraq and Iran to carry out missions against ISIS. This is considered as the move to create a new axis against the US-led Combined Joint Task Force.

Only difference this war has from Vietnam war is that both US and Russia are supposedly on the same side but the situation is too complex and mysterious that still it is not clear that who is supporting whom as there are more than two fronts in this Syrian civil war named ISIS (also known as ISIL), Syrian government (Bashar al-Assad’s regime), Syrian opposition and Kurds (YPG).

After the air strikes on ISIS targets, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated from Kremlin that “I dwelt in sufficient detail yesterday on what motivated our actions – other countries have been carrying out airstrikes on Syrian territory without a UN Security Council resolution or a corresponding request from the official Syrian authorities for over a year now. We have such a request and we intend to target terrorist organisations specifically. As for media reports that civilians suffer, we are prepared for such information attacks. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first reports about civilian casualties appeared before our craft were airborne.”

While on the other side of the coin, John McCain, head of the senate armed services committee, told CNN that Russian air strikes hit the US and CIA backed Syrian rebels fighting against the regime.

While both US and Russia are fighting against the same enemy ISIS but still they are against to each other when it comes to Assad’s regime, as the US supporting more of rebels in the area and Russia is helping its old friend.

News of Chinese military vessel with some advisors reaching Syria indicates that they are also interested in the conflict and most probably they will be supporting their old ally Russia. Again the teaming up of US and its allies on one side, and Russia and China on other, reminds the 20 years battle in Vietnam.

Whole of the world is affected by Syrian war whether it is the migrant crisis in Europe, instability of oil prices, disrupted trade in the middle east, or effects on economies on the middle east. But now, this instability is turning into a chaos when the world axes are starting to point at each other.

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