Ashish Rana The Number Of Visa-Free Countries For Indian Passport Holders Is Increased September 11, 2015

Getting a visa is a major problem for entrepreneurs who travel frequently to the foreign country for business purposes, and sometimes for people who make decisions at the final moment. It is a little good news that the number of countries where Indian passport holders do not require Visa is increasing at least at a slow pace but still very low in rankings if compared to some powerful passports like USA and UK.

According to the latest report on Passport Index by financial firm Arton Capital released in 2015, Indian Passport ranks 59 in the world according to the number of countries where Indian passport holders can travel without a Visa.

The number of such countries increased to 59 in 2015, whereas it was 52 in 2014 according to The Hanley and Partners Visa Restriction Index 2014. The Hanley and Partners don’t yet released the index for 2015, that is why we compared it to the Arton Capital 2015 report, as both are really good sources.

Around 23 destinations offer completely visa-free travel up to a limited time while 12 destinations offer e-Visa and around 26 destinations offer visa on arrival. But before visiting any of these countries always check the exact requirements for entry.

Many tourist attractions like Hong Kong, Macau, Kish Island, Micronesia, Mauritius, Fiji and many countries in The Caribbean do not require Visa at all for a limited period of time, so these are the best options to travel if you make a plan to travel at last moment. And yeah, don’t forget Nepal and Bhutan, these two countries don’t even require a passport for Indian nationals if you have other proof of citizenship.

Bon Voyage, guys!

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