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“The Biggest Event in Apple since Apple.”

Apple’s special September event began at 10:30 PM and before it got kicked off, it had already grabbed limelight all over the globe, crossing over 5 lakh tweets in few hours.

Lots of expectations were marked with this event as always and you know, Apple comes up with a lot with its every single event. All eyes were on Tim Cook and Apple has revealed many new gadgets cum technology going to be on the floor this season. So, all you Gadget’s aficionado, this event will surely make you bother for your wallet to rub it in or pull it off from the pocket.

Anticipation built on every eye who were the onlookers for the event. So here’s all that shook the ingenious tech-world once again (in the sequence, the event took place).

1) With the kick-start of the event, Tim Cook came up introducing the Apple Watch at first, the most awaited thing to be on hand from Apple as the World says. There are already more than 10,000 Apple Watch apps in the app store, for starters, Facebook Messenger is coming to the Apple Watch.

Sources say that Apple wants to make a point that the Apple Watch has huge health care potential. With watchOS2, you can now have your vitals taken via the Apple Watch thanks to Airstrip. This information can be then sent to the doctors via an HIPAA compliant message.

For all the Fashionistas, Apple has collaborated with Hermes. So next time, when you go to one Hermes store, other than all the stuff you are crazy for, now, you can buy one Apple Watch too.

WatchOS2 will be available from September 16, 2015.

“The Biggest News in iPad since iPad.”

2) Apple introduced iPad Pro. Tim says it’s the “most capable and powerful” iPad, Apple has ever created.

Apple is more concentrated towards making things nano and thinner, and now, bigger is the game with iPad Pro. The screen is 12.9 inches on the diagonal. You can also turn the keyboard into a piano. Sounds musical, and phenomenal too.

The new A9 chip in the iPad Pro is 1.8 times faster than the previous, giving the tablet super-powered desktop performance. For the first time, the iPad Pro will have a four-speaker audio system.

“iPad Pro has got the stylus.”

3) Now, with every beat raised up, this is also one of the most appealing gadgets for your inventory.

iPad Pro has got the stylus with the name Apple Pencil. This may be the most expensive Pencil ever which costs $99.

4) Apple has launched iPad Mini 4 which has the same power and performance as of the iPad Air 2.

Apple is retailing iPad Mini 4 for $399.

“The Future of TV is Apps.”

5) And now, what’s new with Apple TV?

When we experience TV in this way through an app, you realize just how much better it can be. Search for what you want, watch it when you want and interact with it in new ways. Hey Siri, give us a hint.

And to come over the purpose, Siri introduced tvOS. A platform making it even easier to create apps for the Apple TV.

And now, moving on to some great news which you’re waiting for, it’s the iPhone news.

6) Apple has introduced two new top variants in the series of iPhone: 6S and 6S Plus.

At first glance, both models look a lot like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but it is what inside that is changing.

“The most advanced smartphones in the world”, Cook quoted.

A new rose gold aluminum finish option to go with silver, gold and space gray having 12MP iSight camera, 50 percent more pixels than before. Both phones are keeping their specs – 4.7 inches for the iPhone 6S and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6S Plus.

For the first time in an iPhone, the 6S and 6S Plus will be able to take 4K video — this means 8 million pixels giving an incredible level of detail. Apple has come up with a new feature called Live Photos, capturing the few seconds of moments around the time the photo was taken.

And here comes 3D Touch which can recognize force touch, enabling new gestures. It works on the home screen giving users shortcuts to the things, they do most often. It also works inside apps.

The iPhone 6S will start at $199 and the iPhone 6S Plus will start at $299. iOS 9 will be available from September 16, 2015. Pre-orders for the new iPhones starts this Saturday and will begin shipping on September 25.

(Note: Apple is starting a new iPhone upgrade program this fall, giving users the option to get a new iPhone every year with prices beginning at $32/month. No more waiting for that upgrade and the best part is, you can choose your carrier.)

Now, everyone can say that it’s the biggest event of biggest surprises, full of gadgets rolled with the beat by beat in Apple since Apple.

With One Republic performance closing the show, the Apple accomplished its one more mission with this Apple Event of 2015.

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