Ayush Garg Meet Jeeveshu 2.0 Who Is Keeping It A Year Of Keep Walking April 17, 2017

Very recently, I was continuously switching the channels because who watches television, and I suddenly put the remote aside, it was Havmor commercial on the channel and Jeeveshu was telling every family’s not-so-obvious but obvious issues related with ice-cream.

It felt engrossing to me because not only I indeed had an opportunity to do a story about him long time back but the way he has transformed himself within a short span is what making him more special in his own way. And it struck my head, he is Jeeveshu but 2.0.


As much as his funny notes connect with masses and offer them a reason to smile, his journey to what he has made it today is quite inspiring for the lads and surely, he is leaving no space to make himself count in the comedy circuit.

The craziest thing by far was to quit my job without any security and sense of what I wanted to do, he said it last time.

A man who was once allergic to Mondays due to his job is now rushing continuously travelling across different cities (and countries) for his constant hunger to do more while making himself walk and counting steps every day keeping a track of the target.

He has stopped looking back at those plus size t-shirts that he wore for quite a long time because today isn’t the same day, it is ‘Day 100’ of his own set plan – hashtag #KeepWalking while on the other end, doing what he loves to do all day-all night  making people laugh.

It is a great feeling to have small wins, from buying a belt st Benetton to food tray on my flights to come fully down to no seat belt extension or to fit into regular brands is a feeling which is intoxicatingly addictive, he said.

Jeeveshu is keeping it a year of ‘keep walking’ and posting his daily rewards in relation to it on social media platforms, be it some tandoori dish on the platter for the dinner or wearing a tee which was once never an option for him, to keep the push flowing having zero compromises with smiles.

From saying goodbye to the conventional routine to marking a kickstart walking around 15,000 steps every day and celebrating life for all the new look that you have been waiting for, for a long time, how did it all start in the first place?

I have been diabetic for over a year now and then one fine day, I woke with a shut eye and went to the doctor to get a possible explanation and realised my sugar was 400 and then from that day onwards I started walking 15000 steps a day and my Fitbit which use to act as an alternative watch was put to use and here I am.

Less food…surely it hurts, more than a disappointment, isn’t it?

No major changes made, no sugar, limited carbs, no fried dishes and no alcohol.

It isn’t easy, it is not as tough as it was in the beginning but it is hard work every day. I have surprised myself that I pulled it this far because I have made too many starts but never saw it through.

I don’t do fat jokes anymore so I would rather be a comedian who is fat than a fat comedian.

I remember asking you about smoking last time, to which you said, wish I could leave it as good as yesterday but I am too weak willed to do that, have you left it now?

I still smoke like a chimney and I think I like some kind of vice to keep my devilish side at rest!


Finally, this marks your 100th day today, what’s next?

So this will now be from #100 Days to #365 Days. I started with 100 as I never want to exceed my own failed attempts and I also started publishing all of this on social media so that I can’t back away.

Well, that makes a year. At the end, never the least, what your mumma has to say about this transformation?

She is at last happy to see me doing what she has been asking me to do from Stone Age.

And surely, there is no looking back. Get going is the mantra. Keep inspiring. Keep walking!

I read. I write. A threat to humor, if one liners could kill. Twitter: @profylayush

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