Meghna Thakur Mr. Kejriwal And Common Sense Managed To Play Hide And Seek Together November 28, 2016

When Kejriwal came to power, he brought with him a sense of hope for thousands of Delhiites. Whether he was or not the future for them was always a question in their mind. But it was the hope that millions of Indians had in their minds that drove him to power.

The hope, leadership, and stability that these people dreamt of or saw in him is today dying down rather quickly in their eyes.

Kejriwal has, in all of his years of power so far, tried to build a career out of street melodrama, blame-games with the centre and a heightened association with twitter trolls.

Let’s take the recent demonetization act as an example.

While there are mixed views about how demonetization has helped or will ruin the Indian economy and the ease of its citizens, Kejriwal’s arguments have been that of an adamant 5 grader trying to argue with others at the dinner table about why GI Joes are not as fun as hot wheels.

His recent video on demonetization gives an impression of him being anti-Modi more than him being against the move.

He laments endlessly about the inconvenience caused to the common man, which we all agree is true but he loses the plot completely. His arguments sound ridiculous, to say the least. For example, he states that no one sees rich industrialists standing in queues for money which should imply that they still have enough liquid cash on them and hence the move by Modi is nothing but a scam.

Well frankly as a young middle-class individual living in a metro city even I haven’t yet left the need to stand in a queue outside the ATM, fortunately, the card payments have made life pretty much better as it was before demonetization. This does not imply that I am part of a scam.

Even if rich industrialists do need money from the bank they have hired help for them who can do it for them rather than they do it themselves. Kejriwal’s argument, even though if it was good-intentioned, left a rather ridiculous mark on us. The whole point about it being inconvenient for the masses has overshadowed by his desperation to rant against Modi.

His stand against demonetization also makes one question his ever-continuing stance against corruption in general. His otherwise anti-corruption image contrasts with his disregard for demonetization as a move against corruption. Sadly, Kejriwal comes across as nothing but a hypocrite.

His Twitter comment about BJP being a Hindu party and yet ruining Hindus over demonetization, was rather baseless and unnecessary. In a religiously sensitive country like India, this comment seemed like a cheap attempt at raising a secularist question on a monetary issue which affects the country as a whole. To even try to imply that it could be better for a certain sect than another was an uncalled for comment by a man of his position.

A man who leads the capital of our country, a man who is an ex-IIT and an ex-IRS.

The aam aadmi image is now just a farce perhaps used to only misguide the hopeful and gullible real Aam Aadmi.

It can suffice to say,

“Beware the pseudo aam aadmi, for the real ones are waking up to reality.”


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