Jay Bhargav Why Demonetisation Is A Real Masterstroke To Choke Terrorism November 10, 2016 http://www.nakedtruth.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Demonetisation1.jpeg

A master plan, which has been in the pipeline secretly since Prime Minister Narendra Modi first occupied the office, was announced to the masses lauded to cause the disruption. While black marketers ran helter-skelter with their undisclosed money, people against corruption praised this move to demonetise Rupees 500 and 1000 notes.

It is common for anybody to having come across fake currency as the system is deluged with it, most of it infiltrating the market from outside sources. Moreover, the number of illegal transactions carried out with the help of unaccounted money had put a severe dent in the economy with fewer benefits reaching the common man.

In the wake of such a crisis, it was a necessary call to replace the existing notes and disrupt the ongoing corrupt system.

This demonetisation is meant to fight one of the bigger evils, which is the counterfeit currency. Terror groups, smuggling of weapons and terrorist activities in the country are aided by counterfeit currency. It allows anti-national organisations to operate from within their deceptive shelters, which are difficultly penetrable. Demonetisation yearns to cease or at least put a barricade to these illicit activities. Taking fake currency out of circulation is the perfect way to guillotine terrorism. Without the fake resources, pulling the snake out of its hole will be easier.

In 2014, the Finance Minister informed that fake currency worth approximately 110 Crore Rupees had been intercepted inside the market by officials. This circulation practice is majorly influenced from across the border with the help of wrongdoers inside the country.

It is believed that the fake currency gets printed in many countries out of which one is our (not so) friendly neighbourhood country, Pakistan and is blend into the system by circulators who receive these in couriers from Bangkok, Dhaka and Kathmandu airports. These counterfeit notes were exchanged for genuine notes, subsequently draining the economy. Printing and circulation of these counterfeit notes have supposedly been the responsibility of underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim who resides in Pakistan, the criminal masterminds, and leaders of the organised crime syndicates.

Besides hateful groups in Pakistan, there are a number of other organisations that are profiting from this free flow of fake currency in India. Kashmir based Hizbul Mujahideen group is funded heavily by state and non-state Pakistan entities. In the past, many of the terrorist operatives who have been captured, have confessed to the involvement of Pakistan in this fake currency trade. The objective of this trade is to decay India from within.

When the government in power learned about how many of these anti-India organisations were satisfying personal agendas by waging an ‘Economic Jihad’ on India, it had to take drastic, sudden and surgical steps to catch on unexpectedly.

The cash (black money) that has been with such underworld dons and terrorist organisations in a huge amount which they were using to escalate their criminal conspiracies against the country and the world, has suddenly become ZERO in a moment. The notes that they have been gathering since decades through their various illegal businesses and trades aren’t more than a bundled paper which can now only be sold to kabadiwalas for some amount of Rs 10-12/Kg. More to it, the countrymen will have a peace of mind that the circulation of the fake currency is not going to affect them anymore.

Modi-led government promised to bring back ‘Kala Dhan’ and it is doing so along with swelling safety for the people. Over the last one year, government has earned a great deal from turning black money into white legally through introducing special schemes. Many opted for these schemes, paid their dues to the government in the form of meagre fines and gained clean chits. For those who haven’t – India is changing and you should have gone with the flow, for this demonetisation is not a baby step but instead is a five finger death punch.

As superstar Rajinikanth tweeted that New India is born, it definitely is!


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