Guest TNT Is Humanity Really Lost For Humankind? The Case In Study! August 30, 2016

It has been following since ages that people have brought discrimination into existence. Black people and white people, rich people and poor people, and being one of the cruelest ones is the discrimination between a man and woman. Though the world is raging against gender inequality, but again, from thick to thin, it prevails within the society every now and then!

This old segregation and discernment has been faced by the women time and again in different bits and different ways. The societal crimes happening to the women are at the peak. The ethics and values come for and from the society remain restricted to the women at most. Eventually, the restrictions for the sake of a ‘logical living’ over their own choices to live and how to live, have made it fierce and scary for them to resist. It is the world that is facing the cruelty over the equity.

The societies we are living in are folded with the ethics, where the girls after they reach a marital age they own the last name of their husband, and dare to repeal the choice, it’s mandatory. It is feminine who have been suppressed every time with all been around, the recent cases of honour killings are one of them. Well, to many the question lies, to what level of suppression?

We are in the age of science and technology, people are concerned about development more than a human irrelevant ethics, especially constrained to the youths and women. However, the rise in harassments and assaults happens to be emerging a lot than good deeds. It is very often to find news reports on rapes, homicides, assaults, kidnappings, molestation, honour killings, sexism, and many more evils confronted in the times where we talk and preach humanity a lot and awareness lies at top of everything to head towards having a progressive society.

One such experience of assault over a woman was countered by me a few days back while I was travelling back home along with my friend who’s a girl. Due to the peak time for college admissions, we could somehow manage a sleeper class ticket for our way back. I prefer to having a journey during night, as the temperature drops down at night, and makes it comfortable to travel in the comfort-zone. With these thoughts, I did a reservation in a train which departed at around 10PM.

On boarding the train, I settled down with my luggage and was just waiting for my friend to arrive. After few minutes, she came in and with the luggage under our seats, we settled down gossiping with each other. While the journey began, the late night hours started approaching, so at the earliest, we planned to sleep though the slightest sounds can play my senses.

Suddenly, the compartment started trembling with a high pitch weeping sounds of a woman. It sounded like she was crying out loud in a tremendous pain and agony. The lights were turned on, and the people woke up saying “What happened? What happened?” The situation turned into a chaos, with a man surrounded by a couple of young boys.

The woman was crying to her loudest and alleged that the man tried to sexually assault her while she was in sleep. The lady was with her new-born baby and was travelling with her younger brother. While she was sleeping, the man was walking here and there in the compartment and tried to reach the upper private part of that lady, when she suddenly screamed out in fear.

The compartment was full of chattering, the police were called soon, and the man who was in his mid-30s was dragged on the side. Looking at the hustle and bustle, the situation seemed very serious and I was actually worried. So, for an enquiry, I made a move towards the berth where the lady was, and on seeing her I felt very sorry and shattered. She was shivering in fear, and was not letting a word out of her mouth. Even she denied to file a complaint and was not in a condition to speak anything or answer anything. Looking at her, and the baby who was crying, it was very obvious to get into hyper level of anger and discomfort. Nevertheless, we tried to help her to make her calm down, and settle down without fear, but her eyes were reflecting the fright moment she went through, and how it was affecting her stability.

After a few minutes, that man was thrashed by the policemen, and was dragged down from the train. Thankfully, he was taken to the police station. But the occurrence brought a moment of panic to everyone in that compartment, and everyone had a worry on their face. My friend who once was travelling excitingly back home, reached to a state of highly distress and anxiety. The fear suddenly became contagious because of that one wicked man who tried to molest a woman!

Such conspiracies are recorded to be more with the youths and the women because the society we are living in believes them to be weak, and can be easily manipulated. Yet, of course, it is the ‘wrongest’ thinking and perception that someone can have, and sadly, it does exist which we confront every now and then.

We speak about gender equality, women empowerment, and human rights, don’t we? And now, we need to learn more about EQUITY with it, because this is what would matter at last.


(This story has been written by Abhishek Biswas).


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