Guest TNT “The Medal Is Been Recollected First As A Fashion Memento” August 15, 2016

Olympic Games have been people’s most favourable since ages. However, it is modern Olympics that is considered and talked about the most these days. Eventually, when we talk about Olympics, it has been an age-old tradition started from Greece, and now continuing worldwide.

Olympic is framed in an elite way. In modern generation, the Olympic game has started trending towards fashion in an engaging way. The Olympic has come up with different tastes and modernization with respect to game and fashion as well. Though it contrasts the comfort and easy going attitude for the athletes, it also reflects the latest fashion trend with respect to the countries. The designers are reflecting their designs giving it an elegant look. Olympic, not only has the competition between the participants, but also it has come as a fierce frame bringing on designers too.

Rio Olympics opening ceremony parade of nations has turned something to be like a runway. Though representing the nations with sports, Rio Olympics seem like representing a couple of designers worldwide. The essence of participation and sports is not just left with sportsmanship, but it has also brought a new trend of showing visibility on to the screen. The Olympic games are visible to the world in both competitive concern and conspicuously during the opening and the closing ceremony.

Rio Olympics

Image Source: BusinessofFashion.

While, if we look nearly to the recent modern Olympics, the indications are very high lightening. These Olympics have more inclined to be a platform of showcasing the opening and closing ceremonies, which seamlessly look like a fashion week is on the nudge side by side. Rio has already booked Gisele Bundchen, after all.

With the popularity merging in the Rio Olympics 2016, there are many eminent designers who have come under the limelight, like Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Lacoste, H&M, Giorgio Armani, Dsquare2 and much more.

Though being the game of sportsmanship, Canada has already marked its Gold medal in the fashion trend, expresses the Quartz fashion reporter Marc Bain. In the face of being a game of sports, the medal is been recollected first as a fashion memento.

The Rio Olympics this year have brought fashion into focus as a majestic style. The game of colors scattered on the opening parade, with a fashionomical designs have brought the designers into the court as well.

Team USA.

Starting from the world’s top scorer team, the USA, who were on the walk with the outfitting’s of Ralph Lauren trending his excellence on the players. Jen Kessy, 2012 Olympic silver medalist in beach volleyball says, “It was such a big honour to have that done. When I first looked at the mirror, I thought, oh, my God. I’m going to the Olympics.”

Fashion in a way has surmounted over the essence of the game these days. Another Olympic medalist, Nastia Liukin expressed herself saying, “I’ve never felt so much honour and pride in representing my country than I did in just trying on [uniform]”.

Well, Ralph Lauren, this year has brought an elegant sporty look to the USA players, flashing Michael Phelps at the front with the bearer flag.

Team Canada.

Designers Dean and Dan Caten, also commonly known as Dsquared2 are outfitting their home team Canada. “The Opening Ceremony look is made with our passion for our birth country mixed with the energetic spirit of Dsquared2,” expressed the twin brothers.

The traditional style blazer with a laidback street wear style was able to win the heart of many. The giant maple leaf representing the country Canada was worth watching and praising.

Rio Olympics

Image Source: DailyBeast.

Team Sweden.

Another country that enlivened the Olympic 2016 is team Sweden, whose amazing outfits are designed by H&M with a signature blue and yellow color. The designers have tried to dress the athletes into a fashion bringing on bright yellow attires with high ankle socks that give a marble effect to the outfits.

However, the critics totally mocked at this attire of Sweden calling it a “full on fashion crime”.

Team Britain.

Great Britain, bringing up the collaboration of Stella McCartney and Adidas has totally nailed it in the Rio Olympics ceremony. Also, the athletic outfit with signature Silhouettes designed by McCartney, made them look comfortable and owned mere appreciation.

Team Italy.

Well, when it is about slick and sophistication, team Italy has it all. Giorgio Armani has a brought an Italian touch in his elegant designs, composed of polos, t-shirts, and track pants with a beautiful Italian flag on the left chest and sleeve.

According to Paste Magazine, “Armani doesn’t need to resort to tired combinations of red, white and green to create a patriotic look”.

To sight an another opinion, the parade to mark the inauguration should have been on a ramp to top it all. No one should be surprised if the forthcoming Olympics declare medals on the beautiful bikini athlete wear while flipping of the cliff into the water for the sake of sports. ‘The outfit won me gold because my stylist played really well’ – the situation can definitely help the games progress. If that’s what you call progress.

Around the world, fashion is never free of criticism—and the Olympics are no exception. Fashion lies in our daily conversation and as the countries are focusing more on the latest and designer trends could be effecting the talent of the nation as what they show to inspire the viewers is what you get. This could have an adverse effect for the pride of the country as Olympic is more a battle of the game rather than a display of fashion.


(This story has been written by Abhishek Biswas, and the views and opinions expressed here are personal).
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