Guest TNT Do’s And Don’ts To Date And Think The World Of Love Quotient August 8, 2016

Dating is an element of mating procedure whilst two individuals meet socially for the company ahead of the level of mere friendship. Dating trend is increasing as per our generation is progressing, whether they are teens or youth you can find the enthusiasm in almost every age group.

These days technology is getting advanced so it’s also affecting the modes of date as in cellular and online dating but the real life date has its own amazing feeling. In the start of every relationship, everything goes smooth and easy but as the time goes by the keenness doesn’t remain the same. Frustration and lack of attention towards each other occupy the love quotient.

But, love is that part of life which needs to remain alive. Let’s discuss some dating ideas through which your counterpart would get amazed by your efforts of making him/her feel special. I hope, for that sweet smile and loads of love in the eyes for you, you can do this much endeavor.

  • Make a pathway leading to the room with the candles and the rose petals. Take your better half blindfolded to that area from where you made that pathway and then unfold him/her.
  • Doesn’t matter if you are not a wizard in the kitchen still cook something for them, it could be cookies and fudge or just a cake.
  • Make a handmade card using your captures of moments spent together.
  • Sing for them their favorite romantic songs or play any instrument for them.
  • Plan a long walk and talk about all the good times you had together. Remember, only the good ones!
  • You can even spend a day while playing their favorite game even though you don’t like to but you can afford this for the happiness of your beloved.
  • Go for boozing together. Yes, booze… but this time with your love, you’ll enjoy it more than you enjoy it with your friends.

These were some dating ideas but, some tips and precautions are also necessary.

  • Prefer the comfortable clothes. You don’t need to leave your comfort zone as it could turn out to be a mess and embarrass you.
  • Don’t force your love to do something in which he/she doesn’t feel comfortable.
  • Don’t drink too much which could be unable to handle for you and your date too. So limit the shots for a good date.
  • Don’t talk about your past affairs. And do not discuss your fights.
  • It would be better if you don’t boast about yourself.
  • Mind your eyes… Don’t look around for other guys or girls for, it could hurt your partner. So go on, your partner requires the attention and your unending love. Make them feel special and let your love touch the zenith.

And don’t forget to follow the advise. Happy Dating!


(This article has been written by Priyanka Firani which came to us through the submissions).


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