Ayush Garg A Man Who Makes You Laugh And His Story Will Bring Tears Of Happiness August 7, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, dudes and babes, and no baes, when was the last time you had a great laugh? I know that’s a stupid question for a stupid start but every story has a weird beginning, and all it takes to be a giver having an attitude of never give up come what may to make that weird into a calling. Oh well! Say hi to Jeeveshu.

When I asked the same stupid question to him, he replied: “When was the last time I had a great laugh, hmmmm a few hours ago, there is no point in living when you have to think too hard and too long to figure out when you laughed out loud.” And I felt more stupid.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia whose bio reads Salman Khan of the Fat World – that’s what he’s in the comedy circuit. By the way, if you don’t count it as an exaggeration of his appreciation, then I would love to say that he’s becoming a talk of town through the commercials he did, take it the MakeMyTrip one, or the Grofers one and then there are many. The versatility breathes within him with every second of humour spiced in it as dominant as Tadka in the Dal Tadka.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

As quoted above, every story has a weird beginning, he too had one. The life which tried to make him allergic to Mondays to the life when he did a door-to-door salesman job. The life when he was compelled to work at Pizza Hut to the life when he was guiding viewers to their seats at PVR cinemas. The life that took a slight turn after  he completed the graduation and joined a call centre, and it happened for 14 long years heading him to the designation of Director of the company. And as one wise man said ‘there’s no ending if there’s a will’, his journey of life began after quitting that hard-earned job.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia became a full-time comic in the year 2014, and giving us a million reasons to laugh since then. I, then, asked him what’s the craziest thing you have ever done in life? The craziest thing by far was to quit my job without any security and sense of what I wanted to do. It may not sound as crazy but to quit a comfortable job, financial security and above all dodging the society for the obvious questions of why, what, when, and how, he said.

You had so many lows in your career. What lessons did they give you? I can understand your level of perseverance, what’s your mantra for it? What people term as lows I term them as a blessing in disguise, yes I know this may sound cliched but in hindsight every one is a wiser man and so am I. Now when I look back each low in my life such as getting fired from a job, not getting promoted, not getting enough pay hike to name a few, pushed me to either look inside and find what is wrong or look outside to see what I am worth. The exact moment is nothing short of painful but when you don’t have a choice, the pain subsides as it becomes a part of your life and that’s my mantra.

I took a deeper breath, because that’s not a reply you expect which not only stuns but fascinates you to explore the line of thinking developed through the impression of the person. And I knew, I’m not that bad in doing it though the level of anticipation reached to some another level even where ‘bring it on’ sounds like a cliche.

Going ahead while asking about an instance which might have broken him at that point of time but he realized not to give up and today it makes him feel proud that he didn’t give up. He said,

I have been lucky to have some really good people in life whom I call friends and having said that the process of realizing who good people are in your life is bad process, very early on in my life I owed a friend Rs 50 for the ear piercing his aunt had done, in the next few days he saw me having the same amount and was expecting it to be paid to him but I ended up spending the same on something related to my household chores. I still remember he grabbed my collar and said if I don’t pay it won’t be good for me and I was shocked because we were pretty close friends to which he said money comes first. So the realization of what needs to be achieved, how it is to be done, who you need to be close to starts sinking in. Life is great and it is the result of choices you make, life is to be lived and above all I don’t know if it is God/Superpower or something up above but it just has a plan and place that we don’t end up seeing at times and when unravels itself, it all makes sense. Like I was not a happy man when I got divorced but now when I look back I understand that if that hadn’t had happened I wouldn’t be here answering your questions.

The man who has been known for his spontaneous one-liners and witty humour made me realise in a second that it takes nothing and all it takes. It was Sunday, and that day I worked for more hours than I usually work on weekdays with his words kept striking my head. It had become a treat of inspiring delight to me.

What’s your take on creative art and stand-up comedy? What drives you to become funnier every single time? I think any creative art including stand-up involves a great deal of dedication, constant hunger to do more, focusing on originality and above all having fun and loving what you do, that sums up creative aspect in every dimension. I am desperate for people to like me and for that, I strive to make myself funnier so that they like me, love me and adore me.

What is mom to you? And what was mom-in-law to you? She is the reason that I exist as a son, brother, comic, actor. I clearly missed husband part as I got divorced early on in my life so hopefully, MIL (mother-in-law) will also be nothing less.

One fine late night while I was scrolling my twitter timeline, I found Jeeveshu’s tweet having this, and I replied I know that interviewer. Within a second, every thought rolled back in my head and it only wondered me why people aren’t honest when the circle around is full of such people who are influencers in real, not those who take Twitter following too seriously that they put it in their CVs too.

I wanted to ask one but as I feel there isn’t just one, there are many so please let’s make it two. Two things/people/moments/anything that you miss at most today and all you ever wanted them to be here with you.

I will give you three, I miss my brother who stays in Manila with his wife and kids, since we were together all the time while growing up I ended up just assuming that he is always going to be there, I hate when people have to move, leave or go somewhere else because of work, he has been outside India for 8 years and I miss him terribly.

I miss my beloved dog Shrek who passed away around two months ago and I had spent 15 great years with him, now when he is gone I realize I could have played, fetch even more, taken for longer walks, played in the park which I didn’t do because I always knew or thought that he is immortal and I miss him bad.

My father, I was 4 when he died, I have faint, very faint images at times which blurs at best when I think of him. I miss him because I don’t know what life would have been if he was there and then finally his death had altered my mother’s life forever and that’s the biggest reason I miss him even more.

The man has that individuality and peculiarity that after listening to him, you fall short of words even when you’re a content developer. Yes, I’m talking about myself, and this is the only time when I felt contented saying that.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Last but not the least, when are you planning to quit smoking and why not? Hope this doesn’t offend you. To this he said, this is one habit I have that I am not proud of and I wish I could leave it as good as yesterday but I am too weak willed to do that.

Now, I have had in my mind that this man is going to be a reason for many to smile and cheer up because such is life but in the end, life’s been good and all you need to have an appetite for yourself and then, food.

Being one whose day has already been made, in his next show in Delhi or Gurgaon, dear readers, you’re surely going to find me sitting there in audiences and if we meet, I’m surely gonna ask you the feedback on this story. And please bring tissues too (for me) because tears of happiness, you never know!

So when was the last time you had a smile?


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