Guest TNT Craving The Wellness Of Our Family In Kashmir July 24, 2016

Since the time our country got independence we are struggling with the controversies between Kashmir and the rest of our nation.

Though Kashmir is considered as the part of India, but the main controversy lies with the people living in Kashmir. Many citizens living in Kashmir have marked their words against their citizenship of being an Indian. So, these conflicts of disagreement have always been leading to cause social and political issues every now and then.

In Kashmir, it seems like it’s more of a curfew days in a month than of normal living days. The environment has always been very vulnerable and horrifying with a certain issues and conflicts heating up here in the state.

So, it is very obvious for the people that there have always been huge chances of life threat. As a human being, our life carries much hindrance than of any other things from the reality, but such incidences don’t reveal the undergoing threat there.

It has been 67 years since Pakistan has parted from India, and then it was the start of cancer spread in the heart of people during this conflict. Kashmir has been a controversial subject and has faced a thrash time and again, but the allegations and blames have always encountered India more.

The mere questions still remain- Why these conflicts? Why these allegations? Who are actually to be blamed? Sufferings have been immense due to all these happenings, as the violence in Kashmir rages, it is not only the people living in Kashmir who have been suffering but also the students, children, family members are suffering equally and even more mentally.

I have many friends from Kashmir, and I have seen the anxiety in their eyes. It happens to be 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and even sometimes a month that they do not get to talk to their family members, their mom, and dad. They seem horrified, and their heart seems to be crying deep inside asking always how they are, worrying about them every single minute.

The questions lie here are what role are they playing in these social conflicts and political extortions? Why do they have to suffer?

There are people who cry out for their families hoping for them nothing but just to be safe. There’s a worry among the people living in different parts of the country about the well-being of their family living in Kashmir. This violence has more to do with the silence leaving us deprived of sensation than the loud noises heard in the streets of Kashmir.

“We all have died multiple times! We all are killing each other.
For what? For land, yes, for a piece of land!

There will be a time when there will be land but no one to live in.”


(This story has been written by Abhishek Biswas).


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