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Pakistan has observed a black day in the memory of Burhan Wani to trigger the consensus with Kashmiris, a few days back when this day has been declared by the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who keeps addressing his concern regarding the Kashmir to the United Nations when it isn’t noticeable at all called out the movement of Kashmiris as the movement of freedom.

First things first, Burhan Wani wasn’t a martyr. Burhan Wani wasn’t a freedom fighter. Burhan Wani, the 22-year-old youngster, was one of those many misguided lads Kashmir witnessed at times who has become another victim of the movement led by the mindset of extremists, call them by whatever term, separatists, militants et al.

Kashmir, the state that has now become as much as sensitive that it can be called a heaven in disguise. The Indian Army is fighting back keeping their lives at stake, and the same Indian Army has been questioned time and again for the atrocities and suppression by the gang of separatists who find only excuses when questioned for the grenades have been blasted at a police station leading to a loss of several policemen who were actually doing duty for the nation, and the stones pelted and bullets fired on the Indian Army personnel creating a chaos and raging the anger turning the lives into dead souls.

A year ago, Yasin Malik, the separatists leader, had been interviewed by Rajat Sharma of India TV on his show Aap Ki Adalat, and was countered by him that you condemn the killing of Afzal Guru but you don’t see the 26/11 Mumbai attacks while you shared the dais with Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan, one of the most wanted-declared terrorists who is enjoying a free space in Pakistan that everybody knows (his videos addressing public about Jihad and ‘free’ Kashmir don’t surprise anymore as they keep on coming in media frequently).

To which, Yasin Malik condemned the 26/11 Mumbai attacks repeatedly but had no guts to call Hafiz Saeed a terrorist, the mastermind behind the same 26/11 Mumbai attacks even when being asked continuously. To-bring-into-perspective, one condemns the killing but not the killer, what kind of justice is it?

To my perception, this is another sympathy card played on the lives of many people. And to my knowledge, if one feels there is a need to justify terrorism on the basis of what (what bothers on a different chapter in another sense but can never come in mid of terror in any context), then one is a problem. Here, I find the problem in Yasin Malik who gave rise to many militants being one of them was Burhan Wani.

The killing of Hizbul Mujahideen poster boy, Burhan Wani has once again woke up the entire nation, when we were keeping our eyes flashed on the reports of the blasts in Bangladesh and media debates started happening on the role of Zakir Naik as it was reported that terrorists were inspired by him who calls himself the messenger of peace, and when we were just pondering on this issue, thereafter, another terror attack in France taking away several lives left us numb.

Through one eye, we were tracking the terror coverage from the world, and through another eye, the separatists leaders on prime time debates were shouting that Burhan Wani was a freedom fighter. Sometimes a few words give you a shock, the shock to me comes from ‘sitting in the homeland (Kashmir) without having any lack of courage, in the pain and angst, they labelled the lad as Freedom Fighter’, and when they were questioned, without admitting the facts or having answers to anything, they walked out of the debate.

The responsibility for the attacks in Dhaka and France has been taken by the terrorist organisation ISIS, while on the other side, the ISIS flags getting hoisted in the Kashmir frequently are no more the hidden secrets. Who are those people in the Jammu & Kashmir who hoist the ISIS flags? Who are those people who show the solidarity with them, and then praise Pakistan as well? To my notice, this is one of the examples of fanaticism induced with the high level of hypocrisy in a mindset. Where’s the difference?

Kashmir is an issue termed to be a political debate demands a dialogue. Kashmir is a sensitive issue termed to be a psychological debate demands an open discussion. The dialogue and discussion can only be carried out on the logical facts with sense, but listening to these separatists leaders, walking out of the debates only seems one kind of a solution for them. If so, Kashmir is going to be a dead issue for several more decades with hogs on logs burning on the souls of lives.

The bed to death, and the space to kill gave them the dirty foil to encourage the violence in the name of the movement of freedom and the cherry on the top is Pakistan declared a black day which only instigates more than providing any solution to the chaos rather heating the brains turning to the brigade of pelted stones, burned windows and perished homes.

Pakistan is marching on to flood the country with terrorism when the reports suggest that Pakistan has funded the separatists by more than 100 crores recently. And observing a black day comes to no surprise or shock, but it tells what Pakistan perpetuates to play their political gimmick in the color of blood.

Yasin Malik said that their movement to free Kashmir from India has nothing to do with Pakistan as they demand an independent Kashmir but then, what Pakistan has to do with it? And why Pakistan has so much worry about it? The issue boils up which they hide in their faces that it’s not really for any kind of freedom but to some extent, this also has to do in the name of religion. As pronounced earlier, they are practicing extremism which leads to call themselves as separatists and militants for their own satisfaction, but for the entire country, it’s terrorism at first hand.

If their independence charge for Kashmir is really for Kashmiris, then why they have objected when Kashmiri Pandits tried to build their colonies in the recent times rather got distorted with rage and continuously raged that they will not let it happen. Forget the countrymen for a moment, when Kashmiri Pandits also belong to Kashmir, and their fight is for every Kashmiri, then why not Kashmiri Pandits too?

The insane mindset and terminology have been the reasons for Kashmir to become a state of intolerance aptitude while Pakistan and its sponsored terrorism which comes out in the form of young dead lives like Burhan Wani, unveils that Pakistan has only been making the use of the misguided lads for its own favours and so, Pakistan is the victim of its own insane mindset and countered policies.

And then, at first place, we need to stop trouble ourselves through the angle of what Pakistan’s role in Kashmir violence as Pakistan is only left to be declared with authenticity that it sponsors terrorism otherwise it’s a place where Osama bin Laden had an escape, caught and killed, Daud Ibrahim lives in Karachi and Hafiz Saeed doing rallies, and this all is happening in front of the naked eyes when Pakistan is itself a victim of it, and the cry heard in Peshawar can never be forgotten but Nawaz Sharif took no second to observe a black day in the name of what, they better know.

A dialogue for peace has been stated and referred many times but it’s the inner self of them which is burning with the mindset that prevails anger and anxiety, and that needs to be changed and transformed. And then, the hope for the dialogue for peace can come into existence.

How many more Burhan Wani are left to be seen should be the question for Kashmiri separatists, and detaching the Kashmir from India can never be a solution and will never be regardless of what Pakistan tries to put in with the voices heard from the separatists.

Maybe the quote that says “get hands on books, not on guns” drives some awareness in the minds of Kashmiri separatists while Pakistan and their leaders’ extremism policies shouldn’t bother any Indian anymore.


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