Meghna Thakur When Trolls Become Tweets For Our Honest Political Leaders July 3, 2016

With the evolution of the internet, we were all introduced to social media. And with social media, we welcomed into our lives, Hi5, then Orkut, then Facebook and finally Twitter. Twitter especially has become one of the popular platforms for all internet users to get in touch with not only one another but also celebrities, sportsmen, and politicians.

Whether it is actors trying to promote themselves and their films or even bloggers trying to catch on some limelight, all of these people have used or at least tried to use the social media to their advantage.

The most popular of these attempts at attracting attention or campaigns as we call it in political terms has been that of “acche din” by Narendra Modi. Whether or not, Indians got to see or will see the “acche din” is highly debatable, but one cannot disagree with the fact that the use of twitter for propagating the idea of “acche din” was quite well of and did, in fact, lay the idea into the minds of people, that Modi could actually be capable of taking them into a better future.

With Modi’s popularity on Twitter something that the previous Prime Minister could not compare to, other political leaders, primarily Modi’s competitors too decided to use social media to the best of their advantage. The chief and most obvious opponent being Arvind Kejriwal.

Kejriwal is liked by some and disliked by many when his list of criticizers has further increased after the controversial Odd-Even rule. His sympathizers feel it is unfair that he is the head of a state, from where the Centre refuses to vacate their presence. The police are under the Centre, major resources and decisions lie with the Centre, giving Kejriwal’s government little scope to bring about the change.

Whether liked or disliked, Kejriwal is definitely well ‘followed’ at least on Twitter. Kejriwal has come out to be a major contender of Modi through his tweets. Not a day goes by when he doesn’t criticize Modi in his Tweets. He is not even deterred by an event which has garnered appraisal from around the world for Modi, like Modi’s recent speech in the US.


Twitter: @wocharlog.

Regardless of what the PM does, good or bad, Kejriwal is always ready to mock him. More recently, he tweeted against Arnab Goswami on taking an interview of Modi while he might have forgotten that 3 years before, he had also given him the interview.

But like Shakespeare rightly said, “There is a method to Madness”. It is important to note that his constant obsession with the PM brings him the publicity, which can do wonders for him in the long run.

With the hopeless Gandhi prodigy, it seems that Kejriwal understands that he can come up as a major challenger to Modi sooner even when Kejriwal is being continuously ignored by Modi.


Twitter: @arvindkejriwal.

Perhaps criticizing the Badals or the Punjab government, opens doors for him in Punjab and criticizing Pahlaj Nihalani, further serves his agenda to include Modi’s name in the ongoing conversation.


Twitter: @arvindkejriwal.

Even though opportunists would term this strategy as a brilliant plan for Kejriwal, but when leaders stoop down to such favoritisms and prejudices as openly as on twitter, it ends up crashing the faith of the people.

When every tweet is sensationalized, it loses its credibility in the eyes of the public. For example, critiquing Modi for his speech in the US Congress was only seen as an attempt to defame India on a global level.

Criticizing Modi is a different thing and criticizing an Indian (Prime Minister) globally another.

These tactics though once considered useful have today unveiled their true character to the public. If not stopped now, Kejriwal might soon lose his credibility in the eyes of even the ones who happen to support him.

Kejriwal can be seen retweeting different trolls and appreciating the folks who troll his anti-Parties which he is also used to and no limit could surpass when he himself called the nation’s prime minister as coward and psychopath. While recently, his naive mind can be judged with his retweets which framed Swathi’s murder is linked to Modi on the basis of trolls.

What is authentic and what is not?

Kejriwal is just an example here. Our politicians have been bashing one another trying to malign the image of the other party’s member every day and on every possible opportunity. We saw a recent spat between Smriti Irani and Priyanka Chaturvedi, for poking fun at Rahul Gandhi. The BJP leader commented on Gandhi’s loss in the Assam elections calling it his “forte” to lose. The conversation between the two women “leaders” escalated to personal attacks, dragging in issues like their personal security.


Twitter: @bdutt.

What credibility do these tweets have? Their internal politics keep changing as per their own conveniences, but the rest of the country, what happens to our beliefs?

It’s astounding how the use of 140 characters are seen and used as a just and fair medium for our politicians to write just about anything. Their only use of their respective handles is more often than not to malign or attack the opponent party members and seldom for anything constructive.

It’s high time our politicians come up with fair strategies to earn a name for themselves, without using sensationalism and mere tweeting and acknowledge the fact that the public can see through facades.

By the way, Sagarika Ghose is high on charts these days, recently she did a live session on Twitter via her tweets criticizing Modi on every note when Modi was addressing the US Congress while Kejriwal was busy in retweeting her thoughts. Now, she’s got into trends for questioning Arnab-Modi interview, and Arnab Goswami has given a decent reply to every troll.


(With inputs from Ayush Garg).


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