Payal Johri Another Oil Reserves Rich Country Is In A State Of Food War June 28, 2016

‘Too broke to eat’, a state which instinctively shifts us to a pity zone, followed by a meek monetary help to the distressed to calm our souls. Now imagine a whole country suffering from a similar situation instead of just one poor fellow!

No, this is not a hypothetical situation, but a disheartening reality of the nation of Venezuela.


The entire nation has fallen prey to the domino effect wherein one thing leading to other has made the entire economy gravitate. Caught up in a storm of drought, the citizens of the country had to suffer from food and power shortages followed by devastating inflation and recession, all because of the sinking crude prices.
Ask the people of the country, and they are found cursing Nicolas Maduro and his socialist ideas.


Who would’ve thought that an OPEC country with the largest oil reserves in the world, heavily relying on its exports’ revenues, would have to face such a crises someday. From a failing president to the unconventional solutions offered to combat the crises, altogether has pushed the country and its people into a state of war without actually being in a war situation.

The schools are shut, people are starving, health sector widely affected and the aggrieved in an even deeper despair. Food, the basic necessity for human survival has fallen short and is being fought for. Without having enough money to buy food, people have resolved to beg, borrow, and steal tactics to feed the hungry mouths and cure the wounded souls.

But the cure to these wounds is now proving to be deadly for some. The desperate condition of the shortage of food supplies are further leading to loots in the grocery stores, injuries, and death resulting from stampedes, and loss of work and education through waiting in the endless queues to get hands on the leftover food products.

As the saying goes, there is nothing more frightful than an angry mob focused on getting what they intend to, and the anger so have only worsened the situation so far. With the rise in violent crime, Caracas, the capital of Venezuela is not far from overtaking Honduras’ San Pedro Sula as the most ‘violent city’. And all the government and the officials doing are, playing the blame games.

With the people helpless and their president hopeless, the situation is far from the mending position. Maracaibo, which once used to be a showcase of progress in the country, is now reduced down to the status of a deeply deprived city with its straight 12 hour power blackout forcing people to step out of their houses onto the streets to avail some relief from the scourging temperature which sometimes goes up to top 100 degrees.

The lack of power means disrupted traffic, disturbed lifestyle and aggravated citizens. The extent of the vulnerability of the citizens is depicted when certain seriously ill patients too aren’t left with much of a solution than to succumb to the crisis.

How long the people will have to suffer the torturous circumstances of an economy failure? How long the major fund providing oil industry will be facing a bearish trend? How long the country will be trapped in this vicious circle of losses? Everything is still unknown, but none of the babies stepped to provisional remedies (such as asking the women to cut down the usage of their hair dryers) provided by the Nicolas Maduro regime seems to be relieving its citizens much.

The people are out on the streets demanding the President to be sacked while Mr. Maduro is busy shifting his blame and responsibilities onto the opposition!

A food war, after all, is no more an impossibility.


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