Rinky Marwaha We Often Hear About Minimalism. Are You A Minimalist? June 23, 2016

Small is beautiful or so the wise men of yore say. Is it not surprising that each and everything is moving towards miniaturism and minimalism? Take computers. From the age of desktops, we are fast on the path towards laptops, pen books and notepads. It is just the keyboard which we want big to make our fingers feel comfortable while we are keying in. The rest of the computer should be minimal and cosy.

Then comes décor of homes, offices and the like. Though spread out curious and accents make the place look lovely, there comes a time when the whole ambience just becomes a bit too ornate. At this moment in time, one craves for something which is easy to maintain and to upkeep. Enter minimalism. Lately, this is the one big trend which is coming forth the entire world over.

How to make maximum use of the space you have while trying to keep it as much as possible free of any obstructions or too many artefacts. If there is something which one sees more of these days, it is the green aspect of things or the indoor plants and trees. Clean cut lines in the room, clear spaces here and there to permit easy flow of positive energy and just about the volume of furnishings and furniture which is essential – these three are the thumb rules of doing up places.

Then comes miniaturism even in dietary portions which we consume each day. From the times when we ate about four meals a day, we are now in an age when six times eating each 24 hours is fast becoming a norm for the health conscious. The only difference is that the meal portions are now the size of a fist each time we eat, and no more than that. No more laden plates filled with starchy foods and fads.

Then, when the issue of what we eat arises, in dessert station, it is more or less a stipulation to go small. Bite sized cake pops and cookies are a relatively new entrant which are taking sweet lovers by storm. Using this method, one gets to taste all the fave sweets also, and the size of each helping is such that we do not take in big quantities or uncalculated calories. Puddings in small sized jars and mugs are the newest add on to the vast world of desserts.

With rapid urbanisation and concrete jungles popping up wherever the eyes can go, it is small size dwellings too, which are becoming popular, even. With more and more of the fairer folk working outside the homes these days, who is there to take care of the homes and hearths? Hence, the solution to this problem is to live well, but live in smaller houses which are more manageable and simple to take care of.

Thus, we see minimalism and miniaturism are rapidly coming into our lives with full force and effect – an effective way to have simple living and high thinking standards.

Generation stepping to minimalism. Are you a minimalist?


A writer by profession and more by choice. I feel strongly for all tasks in which either parent can work or stay at home basis of their kids to have their share of parental care. I am also a spoken English trainer for it is English language that makes my world tick.

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