Guest TNT “Fear Of Being A Working Girl In Delhi” June 20, 2016

The environment doesn’t always signify nature; it sometimes points toward the circle people are living in.

Interestingly, Delhi can be considered to be one of the top-notch vulnerable places because of the terrifying events happening every now and then. Engrossed in lust and greed, majority of people have lost every sense of humanity. These percentages are not known or are in a dilemma when differentiating between humanism and devilish.

It’s the fault of both the government and people who always crave for more, but these are just a conundrum.

This has given a worse blow to feminism leading to women facing a menace in a vast manner. The streets are no longer safe, the places are haunted with evil deeds, and the times are cursed by malevolent people. Is this the way the world should be? Does fear should be the mode of our living?

Here is a true story, a true event that happened with one of my friends which made me burst out in outrage.

Since our college days, we are a joyful group of 6 friends, 3 cute girls, and 3 crazy boys. It’s been 4 years since we met, and we all share a good bond. It has been a year that we shifted to Delhi. As like all, we came to this city with the hope of enlightening our future. And soon, we all got enrolled in different fields of work, and our life got packed up with schedules. We used to meet and hang around in the evening time, and during weekends when we spend times going out for an excursion or partying.

Moreover, we became like a family standing by each other through every thick and thin. But at a certain point, something so drastic happened; that our life pointed to such a moment; that the view towards the place turned to fear and anxiety.

We all worked for different firms, holding our different designations. Amongst us, we got a friend who was working as an event planner. The month of January and February is known for the rain wedding times. So next what happened is in her words that she dealt with:


“It was a wedding in Gurgaon, and our company got the contract for two days to make all the arrangements. I was given the charge to look after all the arrangements. As being a wedding, the event continued till late night, so we had to stay there for quite a long time.

After the event got over, we were set free to go home. As being very late to come from Gurgaon, my senior, who’s an HR in our company, offered me to ride with him for home, as he also resided in a near place to ours. Being senior of our company, and having no other option, I chose to go with him. It was late night around 12:30 am, he was just talking about the events, and then suddenly he started asking me about my personal life, inquiring about my boyfriend, and all started appearing weird to me. I was trying to avoid him for long. Lastly, it went above the limit, where I was feeling uncomfortable and I told him to stop the car, and I will walk my way home from there.

Hearing this, he reacted with speeding his car to a dark place and stopped there. He held my hand tightly with rage and said that I like you; at least I deserve a good night hug or kiss as a goodbye now. I was in my utmost fear that moment, I got really scared. I gathered a little courage and fling his hand, he then started saying, “why are you being stubborn? Don’t show your arrogance to me and come here, I am asking you a little thing, you can do at least this for me.

I was trembling in fear that moment, and nothing was popping up in my mind to escape this. I gathered my courage and dashed out of the car. And well this was not just the end, I was running towards my home, and he was there following me. Soon after I managed to escape him somehow, he threatened me with a text that he will see me in the office, the next day.”


That was the fiercest time I’ve ever experienced in my life, I was very terrified, and gave my resignation the same day itself.

This incident has got all of us in a mere shattered situation, and we can’t thank almighty enough that she somehow managed to come back home safe.

You might be wondering that why the complaint was not filed, why any serious step was not taken for the incident, but it really doesn’t look as easy as it has been poured out.

We tried our every bit, but she wasn’t able to step ahead, her only response was that she confronted over the situation and the incident to her parents, and they were much tensed, her mother fell ill, and she is the only girl child in her family and has a lot of responsibility on her shoulder.

This is the resignation letter below that she sent to the seniors of the firm, which was even not answered, and instead the same man kept calling her for a week and more, making it scarier, as he marked his last words with the threat.

Email Copy


(This story has been written by Abhishek Biswas).


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